Friday, October 16, 2009


How simple a thing for one to reach out and pick up something they see lying on the floor Have you ever really thought about what is actually happening at that one particuliar moment? Probably not if you are like most of us "ordinary" people. I say ordinary with a big grin cause I really dont see any of us as ordinary.But when we do reach out and pick something up we dont have to tell our hands to move, they just do it as if on automatic pilot.And even tho we aren't thinking about it consciously we are using the one power of mind at our beck and call to do our bidding.All through the day we go about using this great power without putting any real thought into what we are doing. Its no wonder so many of us never get what we truly want out of this life. We never take the time and effort to learn how to use this power of mind to bring into our experiences those things we truly desire. But we do use this power to unconsciously bring into our experience many things we really dont want to have. Just think about it and I think you can see what I am talking about. So heres to hoping that both you and I will become a little better at using this power of mind to bring our greatest desires into being. Hope all o f you have a wonderful weekend!


Simon said...

Reminds me of something Arthur Clarke once wrote (I’m afraid I can’t remember it exactly, so I have to paraphrase): ‘For those of you who don’t believe in mind over matter, stop and think what is happening the next time you move your finger.’

Mano said...


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