Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Good morning, Good night, Good day, Good bye, Good riddence, Good for nothing, Good grief, Good God. Good for you, Good evening, Goodness Sakes,Good going, etc etc. Ya ever noticed how many times we all say something with good as the first word? Wonder why that is? Ya think maybe its because we inwardly know all things are "good". Well maybe not "all" things but most anyway. Its one thing I believe to be a "good" person but another thing to really apply that goodness in a way that will make this world just a little better for all of us. Think about your day that has just passed by for a minute or so. Was it a "good" day? Did you do anything "good"? Well, did ya? Only you know that for sure. Im guessing that the most of you folks reading this are by nature "good" people. Again each of us will have our own definition of what is good and what being good means. I also am pretty certain that all of you (and myself as well) could have done just a little more good than we did. No matter what you did today Im sure there was an opportunity for you to have done just a "little" more "good". Maybe instead of just thinking about an old friend you havent seen in a while you could have called and spoken to them. A small thing I know but you may be surprised just how much you can lift someones spirit by a simple phone call.Oh I know Ive done it a thousand times myself, Ill think of someone and say Im gonna gi ve them a call later on this evening or tomorrow, but then thats as far as it goes and the next thing I know its been weeks or months since I first thought about calling them and still I havent gotten around to doing it. Im sure you get the idea Im talking about. So instead of just being a "good" person today why dont ya do a random act of kindness? I think I will try to be a little better at being good" starting right now. I hope you will all join me. Hugs to all of you beautiful folks. May the rest of your week be filled with much love, peace ,joy ,and good health.And may the sun shine down on your backdoor always. I will leave you with a quote from one of my favorite writers Henry David Thoreau----"Be not simply good; be good for something."


wildstorm said...

Hey there. I remember you from JS and I enjoyed this post! Hope you are well.

captron52 said...

hi wildstorm Im so glad you stopped by and that you enjoyed the post.Sure hope ya can come back for another visit sometimes. Take care and have a great time in all that you do!