Saturday, October 10, 2009


Hi friends. I really do wish I could talk with the person who made the trojan virus that attacked my computer a few days ago and made me have to completely start over and redownload everything that I had on here.The trojan froze my computer up and caused me to lose everything on the harddrive. I had to start from scratch and reinstall every program and every application. This was not only time consuming but we lost a bunch of our photos because I had never made a backup file. Oh well at least I managed to get it back to running still downloading things as I come across them. And this is the 2nd time Ive had to do this stuff in the past 3 yrs simply because some mean spirited person decided to make something that would destroy someone elses things. I mean what pleasure does one get from doing such things? After they write the virus and turn them loose do they sit back and wait to see the destruction they have caused and get their jollies from that? I really just dont understand it! If these types of people would use their time to try and invent something to help others instead of things that destroy or disrupt others lives maybe then we would be on to something. Any way I have had my little rant and now Im going forward and not holding any ill will toward the person who invaded my computer and caused me so many headaches. But if by chance you do run into this person some day tell him or her I hope that they really enjoyed making my life a little worse for a day. And if thats the worst that happens to me this week then Im gonna be ok. May all of you have a truly wonderful week ahead.


Dorrie said...

that's why I now have an external harddrive which makes a back-up automatically every Sunday. During the week it's turned off, so not much can happen. I only turn it on Sunday's. I hae the thought of losing ANY photos or files!

Hannah said...

I absolutely hate it when things like that happen. You don't really understand how much you rely on your computer until something like that happens and you don't have it for a while.
I hope you get it back to normal soon! That is one headache that doesn't make sense to have.


captron52 said...

Thanks Dorrie, I wish I was as prepared as you seem to be.Hope your week ahead will be a great one for ya!

captron52 said...

Hi Hannah Good to see ya back on here and to hear that you and your friends had such a great trip! Im jst about back up to spped on this computer hope that is the the last time I have to de3al with any viruses! Have a great week my friend.