Friday, October 2, 2009


On vacation at theGulf of Mexico this past month with my wonderfull wife I managed to spend several days at the beach swimming against the waves of the ocean. The waters were pretty clear and warm and the white sand was beautiful. When I was not in the water I sat under the umbrella watching the waves roll against the shore and was almost hypnotized by the sound effects. I have used the analogy of a river or an ocean to our human lives in the past and once again I thought about that as I took in the warm sun.Like our individual lives make up all of humanity each individual drop of water make up the ocean.When I was in the water I accidently swallowed a bit of the salty ocean water.(It was quite easily to do because the waves hit me in the face at times whenI wasnt fully expecting it to.) As I now think about the drops I swallowed I can see the relation to our human lives once again.Once the drops were out of the ocean and into my body was it still a part of the ocean or not? Did I destroy the drops of water or just change its condition? Will it ever again become part of the ocean? These questions are akin to asking what happens to us when we are taken from the ocean of human life by so called death. Are we then seperated from the ocean of life forever. Have we been destroyed or just altered? Will we once again become one with the ocean of life? Ask yourself these questions when you are in a quiet moment with just you and your consciousness. you may be surprised at the answers that come forth from what I call Spirit. You may call this force God,Allah, Buddha,Universal Mind or any other label you think best.As for myself I truly believe that I never destroyed the drops of the oceans water, I only caused it to be altered into another form. For all I know it turned into urine while in my body, then outward once again from my body to a toilet into a sewer and eventually back inot the ocean. I cant really say for sure but I do know it continues to be a part of the "Ocean" of life. All energy is eternal and cannot be destroyed only altered. And as such I truly believe we all will forever continue to be one with everything. And that surely includes being one with each other right here on planet earth. So Im hoping and praying that everybody will soon learn to treat each other with love respect and kindness. May all of you have a wonderful weekend. Be safe and remember to keep on smiling! "Hugs" to all of you!

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