Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Faith:1. unquestioning belief, especially in religion 2 particular religion3 loyalty. This is the definition given us by Webster's New World Dictionary. But to me the definitions just dont quite go far enough. I feel faith is something we all use every moment of our lives whether we are aware of it or not. And the funny thing about having faith is that we as humans oft times misdirect our faith and bring untold misery into our experiences. For example what exactly is worry? We all seem to worry way too much. I would define worry as faith that has been misdirected. Our thoughts are very powerful things but we tend to give more power to the negative ones than the positive ones. We worry what tomorrow will bring instead of just having faith that all of our needs will be easily met. And what our thoughts are is what our experiences will be in the future. So why dont more of us use our thoughts and our faith to envision all the good things that this life will abundantly give us if we so desire it.I have heard friends of mine say things like I never get a break, I have to work really hard just to make ends meet, I dont really have any dependable friends, I never win anything etc etc. And as sure as the sun will burn tomorrow that is what they keep getting inot their experiences. And if I tell them to change their thinking and to have faith that things will work out they look at me as if Ive gone plumb loco! They have told me they dont possess any faith---hogwash--- everybody has faith in something. How many times do you jump into your car and crank up the engine and go on your merry way without ever doubting the car will start and get you to your destination? Well, that is faith my friend no matter what you may call it. So I truly believe we all have inside of us a faith that is unceasingly strong if only we look for it, nurture it, and allow it to work so called miracles in our everyday lives.My wish for each of you is that you quickly discover the inherent power that lies within and begin to use it to fulfill all your dreams quickly.I know from experience that there are times when our faith grows weak and all seems to go awry. Why Ive had times in my life when I have had to really work to pull myself back up from the deepest corners of despair and literally crawl back to that place of inner solitude and knowing that always sets me free once again. In those times of grief and heartbreak try to remember things will get better--you will survive-- and always try to keep the faith.And if by any reason you ever feel that no one cares about you or understands you feel free to contact me. I will always care I promise. Take care my friends and remember to do something nice for someone for no reason-you will be surprised just how good that makes you feel-- and remember to be good to yourself and even better to those you love."hugs" to all of you. I leave you with the following quotation from Christian D Larson's book The Pathway of Roses

"When there is anything you truly wish for, do not stand passively hoping that something may happen to make your wish come true; go out and make that wish come true; have the faith that you can, believe in the power that God (Spirit) has given you and God will give you more"


Hannah said...

I agree with every thing stated. Faith is such a powerful, yet strange thing. It can keep you going in the most trying of times, but if it wavers you may end up where you began.
So many of us struggle with faith, whether it be in a more superior being or simply ourselves. Sometimes it is that mere faith in ourselves or a certain situation that is the most difficult to achieve.

Wonderful post!


captron52 said...

I agree with you Hannah. And thank you for visiting and for your comments. Just knowing folks read my thoughts and take time to comment inspires me to write even more. Thanks again my dear May your evening be one of great joy!