Friday, February 11, 2011


When we first were born, taken from the safety of our mothers womb, we were brand new human beings. Our little undeveloped minds were just like a canvas that had yet to be touched by human hand.I supposed at the time of our birth we immediately forgot "who" we were and why we had chosen to come into this material world of darkness and chaos. Too bad we had to begin all over to learn what we had forgotten.But that seems to be the way things work in this world.And as little babes our minds were quickly taught to believe things by the way the other human beings showed us. We were "taught" how to live life and how to think etc etc. But what if at some point in ones spiritual growth that person suddenly realizes the things taught to him or her just don't ring true any longer? And what if our minds have accepted things that no longer serve our highest good? Just what are we supposed to do then? Well I can only tell you my opinion on that question.Mahatma Gandhi once stated the following and I totally agree. Gandhi said:"As human beings, our greatness lies not so much in being able to remake the world...... as in being able to remake ourselves." And the wonder of our own minds is that we can at any given moment decide what it is we wish to change about ourselves and what is is we wish to become while we are here as human beings. Change may not always be easy, but not only is it possible ,it is necessary if we are to live a full ,joyful, and fulfilling life on earth. My hope and prayer for all of us is that the changes we are faced with will be "easy" and that they will bring us to where we wish to be. Remake yourself today the person you want to be tomorrow!


Chris Ledgerwood said...

great post as usual my friend!

captron52 said...

Thks Chris. Glad you liked it. Sure hope you are having a great weekend!