Saturday, February 19, 2011


Oh how many times I have cursed the darkness and bemoaned my "bad" luck when an event arrives that I have not prepared for. I really can't say for sure how many times for it used to be part of my normal routine. As long as things went the way I expected them to and wanted them to, everything was sunny in my life. But let just one major, or even one very minor thing come along that caused me to have to leave my comfort zone and I was ready to curse my luck and forget that all things happen for a very good reason. Over the years I have thankfully come to know that in all my troubles and trials there is ALWAYS a gift included within that episode that always outweighs the "bad" stuff. Many , many times I have been unhappy with the result of something happening in my life that at the time I perceived as being the worst thing that could possibly happen to me, but then later, after searching for the "gift" enclosed, I found it to be the best thing that could have ever happened to me. And just in case you are wondering, no I am not always able to see the gift until much much later.And there are times when I swear that the event taking place has no merit to it and it cannot possibly have any kind of gift. But as of today I cannot think of a thing that didnt come with a gift of goodness. At times the gift has been so embedded within the darkness of troubles that I have to search long and hard to find it. But thankfully, since I am sure its there somewhere, I usually can see it after much of the darkness has been dissipated by the light of truth. So when troubles come knocking at your door just try and remember that somewhere, somehow, sometime , you will be able to again see clearly and find the enclosed gift which will in turn not only make you a better human being it will make your life more joyful, more loving, more peaceful, and more fulfilling. I leave all of you now with a couple of quotes which I hope will help you to see what I am speaking of. The first is from Mr. Henri Nouwen who states:"Somehow, in the midst of our tears, a gift is hidden. Somehow, in the midst of our mourning, the first steps of the dance take place." And from the Science of Mind comes this thought:Out of the darkness of the long night, the Dawn has come. I rise to meet the new day, filled with confidence and strength. So my hope and wish for each of you is that you will quickly find the gift sent to you in every situation, especially the ones that bring tears and sadness at first glance. Have faith be strong and live to love and to be loved. "HUGS" to all.

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