Tuesday, February 8, 2011


The past is just that--past! It can never be visited or relived except in our minds. And if the past is painful and causes us to be confused, worried, or just plain miserable then why not just quit reliving it or remembering it at all. At least until the pain does subside so we can learn a lesson or two from the past experience. Catherine Ponder in her book titled "Prosperity of the Ages" makes this statement:" So many people miss their present blessings because they are still lamenting unhappy experiences of the past". I agree with Ms. Ponder wholeheartedly! If your past is still tormenting you in any way my hope is that you can fully and perfectly find a way to let go of this past and get on with living your life in the present moment. I guarantee you will be a lot happier if you can do that. New things, even greater things are awaiting you on the other side of your present heartache. So hang in there and live for the moment! "HUGS" to all!

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