Tuesday, April 7, 2009


As a youngster growing up in America's heartland of western Kentucky I was raised in a traditional church with all the theories and beliefs of those who had founded the church and subscribed to those beliefs. I must say this teaching did give me a solid foundation of the ways I could shape my life.But even at such an early age I never felt quite comfortable with all the teachings.It just seemed a little close minded to think my church was the only one that was "right" and that the rest of the world was wrong in any of their beliefs.
And therein became the reason I quit my church as a teenager and began to think for myself in spiritual terms.Like I said the teachings I had adhered to that felt right I held onto, those beliefs included treating each other as one, doing the golden rule, being honest, and other solid core beliefs which I still hold onto even today.
But I knew somehow that Spirit and spirituality was something greater than just going to church every sunday and believing in a certain way and hoping that someday I would be able to get to Heaven after I died.Those feelings awoke inside of me a fervert wanting to find out what the "truth" really was.Well, let me tell ya Im now 56 years old and Im still learning everyday some new truths and having to let go of some of the old ones. But I find this road of discovery Im on is the most wonderful amazing thing I could have ever hoped for.
One thing I did learn quickly was that God or Spirit was not limited to being Inside the church and trapped within those walls.Since I stopped going to church as a teen Ive found a lot more of God outside of those walls. Dont get me wrong, I have nothing against anyone belonging to a certain church or having their own beliefs.But I do feel sorry for those who think that God is just located withing church walls and cant be found anywhere else.
These past years have flown by for me. Ive learned to see Spirit everywhere I look.On the morning grass glistening as sparkling dew,in the tiny hummingbird sipping nectar from the feeder,in the laughter of children at play, in the warm smile from a "stranger" I meet on the streets, and most importantly I see Spirit in the eyes of every person I see.I admit it is sometimes tough to see God in the middle of something disturbing such as war or poverty or any number of man made woes. But I truly do believe if we look hard enoughwe will see Spirit in all. I love you folks and my hope is that today and every day from now on will be the best ever for you and yours. I'll leave you with the following thoughts:
"In my soul there is a temple, a shrine, amosque, a church that dissolves, that dissolves in God."--Rabia
It is useless, as well as foolish, to make any attempts to cover this Principal(SPIRIT), or hold It as a vested right of any religious sect or order.--Science of Mind


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Ron, I'd never hear this one. This is beautiful poetry. I'll reinterate if you don't mind.

"In my soul there is a temple, a shrine, amosque, a church that dissolves, that dissolves in God."--Rabia

Thank you, again.

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Namasté Ron-- truly awesome entry you wrote!

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Thanks Sarah. I too just love that quote.Have a great evening!

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Hey Rob Thanks for the kind words. Hope things are going great for ya!