Wednesday, July 27, 2011


You've probably heard that before some time or another. Just be in the moment. Sounds easy doesn't it? But if one looks closely it really isn't that easy to do. I mean its easy enough to tell yourself Ok I'm gonna just stay in this moment and enjoy for awhile but after a few moments at best we usually find our minds once again filled with chatter about what happened yesterday or what we are planning on doing tomorrow. And as soon as that happens we are no longer "in the present moment". Instead we have crossed the threshold and entered our minds either into the past or the future. But in reality all we truly do have is this "one eternal moment" and if we can find out how to stay in the moment more often we will surely find our lives more fullfilling and a lot less stressful. We all know we cannot change the past. No matter how much we wish we could we know it is not possible yet we spend so much time thinking of the past and usually beating ourselves up for it! And if we are not thinking of the past we are usually thinking of the future. And as I see it there really is no future its only an illusion, cause when tomorrow does come it isnt the future it is the "NOW" that 1 Eternal moment. I know just  how "hard" it can be to quiet the mind and enter that state of grace where th only thing thought of is the moment we find ourselves but it can be done. Give it a try and just let your mind be free of the past and the "future" for once and truly learn to "BE" and just let your soul and mind be absorbed in the "NOW" I've had people tell me they have no time to be in the moment--there is too much too do- but I have to disagree. If you are reading this right now then you may be in the Moment and your mind completely on what it is you are reading. Whenyou get enrapted in a good movie or book you ten dto be in the moment. So dont tell me you dont have the time to try cause you do if you really want to.And hopefully when you do you will find it to be such a respite form life s troubles and stress you will be sure to take a moment every day to just "be" My hope is that all of you will find the same peace I have found in my own soul by doing this on a regular basis. I leave you now with hopes of peace, love, joy, and understanding to each of you. "HUGS" to all


joy Krauthammer said...


What a blesSing you are to the universe.

I finished creating a new 'blog' an hour ago. I named it
I illustrated with my photos, my little story, which is what I do with my blog writing. A thought came to me today, and I decided that I needed that as a blog title, so I created one on the spot.

I then did something I have never done. I purposefully clicked the top bar to "NEXT BLOG". YOU arrived--captron52. Your soul writing lit up my day, even further. I'm in awe to meet another human that sees a lot of life as I do, and shares that view. I love your writing and sharing. I read your current posts, and I went all the way back to your beginning this blog in 2009. I think that is when I first began mine.

I wrote today on Freedom, and then minutes later, I read your post on Freedom, June 27, 2009.

All I saw was your beauty of heart, spirit, mind. Yes, you can take my “hand” and walk me through your labyrinth, your "path". I might see a sunset that I was missing.

I read some sights/sites in the in between. I am amazed to find someone (and from Kentucky) who knows and loves that which I do. I've been with Pema Chodron (and my daughter loves her). In spring 1995 I loved meeting and studying with Pir Vilayat Anat Kahn. (your post, June 27) I go to Yogananda's burial place, and feel the spirit, etc. etc. I love the art quotes you wrote by Ann Brusset, and Julia Cameron. (I wrote a book filled with art quotes.)

My poems and photos reflect your expressions of heart, love, joy. See my that I created a few weeks ago.

I was sorry to read in the past that you suffered neck injury, and have pain. May you be blessed with complete healing.

A few days ago, I tripped, and was scared for what I did to my neck. Thankfully, I had a healer work on it, and now it doesn't feel like there's a door stop on it.

And yes, I love frogs, use to collect them on 'frog island' as a young teen, and still today-- LOVE trains, and I keep a train whistle next to me. Can you hear it? I have a collection of train pins (on a cap), from my heavenly train rides. OH, yes, Random Acts of Kindness: I bought the banners and stickered them in buses in Morocco because I was there. I stickered the Great Wall with happy faces. :)

So, I'm saying, good to meet you. I hope you are well, and your wife/soul mate, and friends, also.

I never saw a "live feed", as you have on your site.

You asked that our "paths cross" again. I hope to read your site again (it is filled with an attitude of gratitude), bless you to be the "best human you can be", and send you and yours, love, peace and joy; which is how I always sign my personal mail, and wrote it in cement :)

Soul sister,

captron52 said...

Hi Joy. I love your name! Thank you so kindly for the warm words of support. And yes, I do hear that train whistle! Its always so nice to "catch up" with a like minded soul here on this planet we call home. I do hope you will visit often!Thanks again forthe kind words.May your new week ahead be filled with much love peace and joy, Joy!

JediTheOne said...

To "BE" or NOT TO "BE"?

To "BE" is the answer. :)