Sunday, December 11, 2011


What the greatest gift you could ever receive? Would it be lots of money? A perfect romance with your soulmate? A body that never gets sick? What would you wish for?No matter what we "could" wish for I believe the greatest gift is that of a sound mind. If we are blessed with a mind that can see clearly past all the paradoxes and illusions of this 3-D experience we call human life then that is by far the greater gift.For with this mind we can become anything we wish to become! We can have anything we wish for if we learn to use our mind in the proper way. If there is anything you desire in life first see the thing with your "mind's eye" as already being manifest, believe it without any doubt, give thanks for it, and then release the "thing" from your mind to the Universal Mind and wait patiently until it does manifest in this material world.Nothing is impossible with the mind you  now have. Learn to use it properly, love it, share it, bless it and take care of it. After all this is the only mind you got as a human being. The Science of Mind has a quote which reads:The mind must conceive before the Creative Energy can produce...Try it. See if you can get it to work for you.Remember- it is done unto you as you believe! Now what is it that you truly believe? Only you can answer that one! I will leave you now with a thought from  Henry David Thoreau who once said:"Heaven is under our feet as well as over our heads." May all you wonderful folks have a terrific week ahead.And if you can please try and do something nice for someone just because you can! "HUGS" to all


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