Monday, May 28, 2012


Im sure you have known people who seem to have lived a "charmed" life in which almost everything they touch turns into gold.These folks seem to just be blessed with a special "something" that most of us only wish we had.I used to wonder a lot about people like that.Most of them were what I considered "nice" folks but there were some who seemed to be rather selfish and snobbish. I often wondered why some of us seemed to have the knack to live this charmed life and others didnt. I think I always knew it was just a matter of learning to live with the "Universal Laws'' and using them in a way to bring the "good" stuff into our lives. In my readings I came across the following statement from a Victoria Moran who said:"People who seem to lead charmed lives do not have a magical assistant, and they're no better or brighter than anybody else. They have simply put into practice, knowingly or not, the attitudes, aptitudes, and propensities that orchestrate harmonious circumstances." Now I am just a simple guy and that statement has a lot of big words in it but to me at least it just says that the "charmed" folks are just living by abiding and adhering to those Universal Laws I previously mentioned. Simply put I would say this: Try to live your life to the fullest while expecting everything you desire to come about in its own perfect time and place.And dont ever give up and remember that Life has no choice but to give you those things which are the ones you believe in the most.And try not to escape the fact that lots of times we just think we need something when in the long run life knows better what it is we need. So if things dont go as planned try to see it not as a failure but rather a life lesson which will pay bigger dividens in the future.I leave you now with a quote from the Science of Mind which states---Every hour we are meeting the eternal realities of life, and in such degree as we cooperate with these eternal realities in love, in peace, in wisdom, and in joy--believing and receiving---we are automatically blessed. I agree wholeheartedly with that statement. So in signing off I will say this to you, go in peace, go in love, and go with confidence that this one eternal moment belongs to you and you can do ANYTHING with it you so desire. My hope is that you will take this moment and try and do something nice for someone else. The greatest gift any of us have is the ability to help make someone elses life a little better.Enjoy the Moment, for it is truly all any of us have!


Christopher Dos Santos said...

Namaste brother Ron, beautifully stated. There are many other components of "the charmed life" however, the most illustrative results originate from a "knowing" that gives rise to expectation. Essentially, I believe, what we feel in the deepest recesses of our heart is what we will inevitably manifest.

In Lak'ech brother, ripples of reality manifest...

Eve said...

I find you so inspiring Ron! It's true..all we really have is this moment and life itself, which is a great gift..thanks for another post that makes us think!

captron52 said...

Hi Eve and Christopher.Thanks to the both of you for the visit and comments.The best of everything to you and yours!

The Truth Seeker's Guide said...

As long as you can be at peace, awake, compassionate, and share those three qualities with all you encounter - then I consider that a 'truly' charmed life!
Thanks for another excellent and enlightened post Cap.

All the best my friend.
Carl (The 'Guide)

captron52 said...

Thanks Carl
Hope you had a wonderful weekend

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manoj said...

Yes,Captron some people have charmed life because of following universal laws and implementing them in the real life with a lot of practice. So everyone should practice those things and implement in their life styles so that every thing done by us will turn out to be a gold. If Possible we should also help the other people to achieve their goals.

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