Thursday, August 29, 2013


Perfection. Don't you just love that word? I hear it used just about every day in some form or another. Someone wants the "perfect" job, the "perfect" relationship, the "perfect" home, and on and on it goes. But I stop to think--is perfection something we can attain in our lives or not? Most of us do strive for the perfection of something but oft times I feel it may be the "wrong" thing we are trying to perfect. It's fine and dandy to want the best of relationships, homes, jobs, etc but as I see it, trying to make every thing perfect just gets in the way. Maybe we should look at perfection in another way. How about believing OK everything is already in its own perfect time and space and all I have to do is accept that and go on from there. Well, I know that may sound strange but that is exactly the way I see it. As a human being I know I am very, very, far from being perfect and I will never be perfect. Hey, just trying to always be perfect would be enough in itself to drive me more crazy than I already am! And I sure don't need that. So I suppose I will continue to keep on trying my best to become the best human being I can, while at the same time knowing perfection is an inexact science. That in turn will free me up to be the person I want to be. I surely know that at times in our lives when things are going screwy and seem to be so messed up, it will be hard to see that perfection is already here within all things spiritual. I'm hoping that all of you beautiful people feel secure in everything going on in your life right now. And when things do get rough( which I guarantee they will at times) I hope you can find the wisdom and courage to keep on keeping on and trying to become the best human being you possibly can! In one way or another I believe we are all looking to find peace, love, and joy in our lives, and to do that I feel we must realize we are all as one in Spirit and that we should do everything possible to be kind and loving to everyone. May I suggest that if you have a free moment to right now do a little something nice for someone else just because you can. You don't have to have money or even have to exert much energy to do something nice for someone. Just a smile at the next person you see, hold open a door for someone, give an old friend a call just to say hi, and on and on it goes. Oh yeah, another thing I've found out in this life is that the more kindness and love you put out there the more you will get in return. I leave all of you wonderful folks with the following quote from Gautama Siddhartha Buddha who once stated : "When you realize how perfect everything is, you will tilt your head back and laugh at the sky." Here's hoping all of you will do quite a bit of laughing real soon!


Christopher Dos Santos said...

Namaste brother Ron;

It is always such a pleasure to read your posts. This is such a beautiful esoteric point. Perfection is not in the least bit about being or doing things right.

The three words that come to mind when I think of perfection are dharma, singularity and synchronicity. We each have a path which we will follow, this path is the ultimate expression which we cannot deviate from.

Dharma is the path itself, like the leaf on the stream it's path is pre determined, it is why we have manifested as this specific physical representation. We can never come to terms with Buddha's conceptualisation of perfection until we realise that we are a singular unified being, I am you. Synchronicity is the interrelations we all will have which speaks to the duality of consciousness.

One certainly could laugh in the face of perfection, in my case, I wept with joy.

In Lak'ech brother, one being we call consciousness.... one act we call love... one existence we call perfection...

captron52 said...

Thanks Christopher. It is always great to hear from you my friend. And thank you so much more for sharing your thoughts and words of wisdom with all of us. As always the best to you and yours.