Saturday, February 1, 2014


 Since knowledge is the main key one needs to live a full life I feel each of us should do the best we can to seek out what is "real" and what is "illusion". That is if anything at all really exists. Years ago I started writing a novella called Illusions & Paradoxes. I originally intended to self publish the book but I never got around to doing anything with it. Recently I came across this old manuscript and I will now from time to time use some of it on this blog. While I am discussing "illusions" and "realities" I remind you that everything I say is only My truth. It may apply to you and then again it may seem like rubbish to you. It doesn't matter either way. An example of one of "my" illusions follows as such: One woman looks out upon the vast ocean and sees a sea of blue, another man looks upon the same ocean and sees a sea of green, a colorblind young lass looks out to the same ocean and sees a sea of gray, and yet a blind boy looks out to the same ocean and sees a sea of nothing. Yet what the blind boy sees is the only "truth" out there. For color is only a refraction of light beams. Yet, each one of these people will be experiencing their "own truth". And who am I to say otherwise? About the best we can do is to enjoy each of our personal illusions with gusto and with love directed to all. Really, what does it matter what color we call the sea? And what difference does it make the color of our skin? Why do we reject another's truth and at the same time try so very hard to get our truth excepted? Why indeed! I truly believe one cannot be "free" until the biases and prejudices against one's brother and sister have been lifted and borne away by the warm breezes of life. I leave you now with this thought from the Teaching of Don Juan who said: "Power rests"  on the knowledge  that one holds. What is the sense of knowing things that are useless? they will not prepare us for our unavoidable encounter with the unknown.' He also stated"Nothing in this world is a gift. Whatever has to be learned must be learned the hard way." So may I leave you with this thought, today become aware that no matter one's illusions in truth we remain still and realize that all life is "ONE". And realizing this take a moment right now to call an old friend, make amends with an old enemy, reach out to one in need, or just do someone  a bit of kindness that may "save" their day from the illusion of separation. We just have to learn that we cannot go on hurting others simply because we can't "understand" their illusions as being real. Like the old song from the Bellamy Brothers says--Let your love flow like a mountain stream and let your love grow with a small list of dreams and let your love show and you'll know what I mean it's the season...........To all of you beautiful folks I leave you in love, peace, and joy today and forever!


deepian said...

Amen to this post - to every last word of it. Spot on.

captron52 said...

Hello Ian Thank you for stopping by and for taking a moment to comment. I am so glad you found this to be "true" for you. And may I suggest to all my readers that they check your blog out .We are kindred spirits my friend. Do visit again! I wish you and yours the very best!

DarkStar888 said...

Very nice post Ron.

Poem "Is It Possible"

Is it possible
That so high debate,
So sharp, so sore, and of such rate,
Should end so soon and was begun so late?
Is it possible?

Is it possible
So cruel intent,
So hasty heat and so soon spent,
From love to hate, and thence for to relent?
Is it possible?

Is it possible
That any may find
Within one heart so diverse mind,
To change or turn as weather and wind?
Is it possible?

Is it possible
To spy it in an eye
That turns as oft as chance on die,
The truth whereof can any try?
Is it possible?

It is possible
For to turn so oft,
To bring that lowest which was most aloft,
And to fall highest yet to light soft:
It is possible.

All is possible
Whoso list believe.
Trust therefore first, and after preve,
As men wed ladies by licence and leave.
All is possible.

Sir Thomas Wyatt

captron52 said...

Hello Ian #2. I absolutely love the poem! Thanks for sharing it here on the blog. Your great grandfather sure had a knack for writing poetry! Might I suggest to my readers to check out your blog and also the link to Sir Thomas Wyatt. Thanks again my friend. Have yourself a terrific day!

DarkStar888 said...

Hi Ron. Thanks for your kind words and your appreciation for the works of Wyatt. Glad to share and give some pleasure to our brothers that like this sort of thing.

I would like to share something and ask if you and your readers will look at another interesting blog that a friend and brother like us writes with loving intent to help create awareness of the ELITES nasty work in this 3D illusion. His name is Michael Vitale. He just posted a video - "Rule from the Shadows -The Psychology of Power. Part 1

Since we now have a few Ians here, I'll make it easier for replies by using my famous gaming name "Jedi" in Unreal Tournament 2004 and where the name on my blog JediTheOne was created from.

LOL, I must laugh and say that I'm still respected as one of the top players in the world at the old age of 61 when most are usually 20-40 years younger with great skill and dexterity. I have been playing the game for ten years online and still kick ass with the best of them. This is trivia of course but it is alway fun to go online and be a gladiator of a sort without really killing other brothers/sisters. :) Be well.

Your friend, Jedi

captron52 said...

thanks Jedi I'll be sure to check it out

Christopher Dos Santos said...

Namaste brother Ron, illusions have a way of kicking us in the ass, hard..... the harder the kcik..... the more real it appears...

In Lak' ech, prosper with truth... live beyond the physical...

captron52 said...

Ain't that the truth! Thanks Christopher. As always the very best to you and yours always!