Wednesday, May 28, 2014


What is the surest way for one to predict what is going to happen to them in the future? If  one had the answer to that I suppose they would be held in high regard, not to mention that they would be in great demand around the world. Most say there is no way to predict the future and they may be correct. But in my personal experience I have found that my future usually reflects back to me what I have been giving out. There have been times in my life when I just wanted to stay in bed and hide form the world cause I just knew "bad" things were coming my way. And guess what? The bad things did just keep coming. It took me quite a while to figure out that as long as I continued to think about all the bad stuff it did indeed come to me. Just like a magnet I was attracting all the things I did not want. When I finally wised up and begin to focus on all the "good" things I wanted I was amazed at how quickly my life did a big turn around. I feel that life reflects to us as we think. If we focus on bad we get bad. If we focus on good we get good. Sounds simple I know but I also know just how hard it is to keep a watchful vigil on our thoughts at all times. But if we can learn to train our minds to keep a positive thought pattern eventually the negatives in our life become fewer and the happier we become. In the book Living in the Light by Shakti Gawain the following is found on page 30 in a chapter called The World as Our Mirror you will find the following statements.
If you judge and criticize yourself, others will judge and criticize you.
If you hurt yourself, others will hurt you.
If you lie to yourself, others will lie to you.
If you are irresponsible to yourself, others will be irresponsible  in relation to you.
If you blame yourself, others will blame you.
If you do violence to yourself emotionally, others will do violence to you emotionally, or even physically.
If you don't listen to your feelings, no one will listen to your feelings.
If you love yourself, others will love you.
If you respect yourself, others will respect you.
If you trust yourself, others will trust you.
If you are honest with yourself, others will be honest with you.
If you are gentle and compassionate with yourself, others will treat you with compassion.
If you appreciate yourself, others will appreciate you.
If you honor yourself, others will honor you.
If you enjoy yourself, others will enjoy you

Here's hoping all of you beautiful people are enjoying this one Eternal Moment and living life with passion. Be good to yourself and even better to others and always keep on smiling!


deepian said...

Indeed, we become our thoughts - through our thinking we manifest our perceptions of reality. Buddhists teach us to empty our minds, but I was taught rather to fill my mind with positive thoughts - whether of visualisations, music, or simply affirmations of my true eternal nature. This works for me. When we consciously work on creating positive thoughts and a positive self-image, then no vacuum is left for wasteful and negative thoughts to fill up. The mind becomes calm and intuitive and easily directed. When I replace my chattering monkey mind with positive thoughts of love, peace, enlightenment, inner strength, virtue, benevolence, faith in the drama of life, and so on, then the details of my everyday life are transformed - in short, good things start to happen. It is a very simple mechanism, but it requires strong will and determination to bring it about - as we have to overcome so much mental conditioning. Therefore it is a long-term task, to train oneself to think positively in the face of a negative world. It takes persistent effort, but the rewards of this effort are invaluable. Keep checking every thought!

captron52 said...

How right you are Ian! Thanks for the visit and your thoughts on the subject. As always the best to you and yours.

Tim Koppenhaver said...

Though life throws you curve balls sometimes, I also think you create your own luck - whether good or bad - by your daily actions. If you always do the right things the right way, more good luck will find you than bad.
Take care Captn.

captron52 said...

Hey Tim I sure agree with you on that! Thanks for the visit and for sharing your thoughts with us. Safe travels to you as always.

Christopher Dos Santos said...

Namaste brother; you have heard me say this many times. Every thought is a brick, each brick makes up our reality.

Thanks for the post, always a pleasure to enjoy your gracious reminders. Take good care brother, enjoy the beautiful weather.

In Lak' ech, prosper with sunshine.... live with love....

captron52 said...

hi Christopher. Glad you stopped by. Thanks for the kind words. The very best to you and yours also!