Saturday, October 4, 2014


Are you truly satisfied with your life as it now stands? I sure hope you are. Living a life of satisfaction is truly rewarding while a life lived but not finding satisfaction can seem like torment. I share with you today the following quote from Ralph Waldo Trine who stated: "To find one's center, to become centered in the Infinite, is the first great essential of every satisfactory life." My sincere hope is that each of you will find the path that serves to make your life one of true satisfaction. Be not dismayed if you haven't reached that state of consciousness yet, for life will surely offer you many opportunities to discover total satisfaction. Just be prepared to recognize these opportunities when they do knock on your door. Stay thirsty for learning and keep an open mind. And never be so content that the fires inside of you die to just an ember. Show love, give love, accept love, and be love, for that is truly all we are.


deepian said...

"Show love, give love, accept love, and be love, for that is truly all we are."

This says it all :) Satisfaction, like all blessings, is found only within.


captron52 said...

Great to see you Ian. thanks for the visit.

Christopher Dos Santos said...

Namaste brother; I was intrigued with your opening question. This is one of those loaded questions, whereas, one tacitly understands the right answer should be yes. However; we never serve ourselves well by venturing a standard reply.

Therefore, to answer your query, I say no, I am not satisfied. Moreover, I doubt I will ever be truly satisfied with my life.

There exists such a monumental gap between my perception of self, and the execution of this vision, that I am assured to never realise contentment or satisfaction.

We humans are not static conscious expressions. Change, by it own accord, ushers in dysfunction, confusion, wants and needs. We can't help but demand our world respond to our vision of what we feel it must be. When the inevitable disconnect between our dream world and our reality rears it's ugly head, we must then endure malaise.

Having stated the obvious, we can learn to accept, moreover to embrace, the sand from which the pearl is forged.

I am discontented with my life; however, I would not have it any other way.

In Lak' ech, brother Ron, prosper with love.... live with a little sand...

captron52 said...

Hey Christopher. I think to be satisfied with this life entails being content even within that gap that you speak of. Maybe I should say I am content with my own discontent. Thank you very much for the visit and for sharing your thoughts with us.

JonCary Faubion said...

So interesting you made a post about this. It is certainly an interesting topic to tackle. I made one similiar and went a little in depth with the psychology behind it. Check it out, might inspire you to research this concept further :)

captron52 said...

Hi J.C. Thanks for stopping by and for sharing your link. I checked you out since I have lots of trouble with spammers trying to put their B/S on my blog. I intend to follow your blog and I look forward to talking with you. Thanks again.