Thursday, February 26, 2015


Looking back through some of my earlier writings I came upon some quotes that I had come up with way back in the 1990's. This was at a time when I had just gone through some personal problems that had really been tough to get through. As I usually do, when I am faced with major decisions or trying to get back up after I have been knocked down by others, I write. It is my own kind of personal therapy. So today I would love to share some of the thoughts with all of you.

On broken relationships; Be careful that you don't lie around licking your wounds so long that you begin to like it.

It is not important if someone loves you, What is important is that you love them anyway.

You can mend a broken heart if you but take time to recognize all the love that surrounds you.

What good is a healthy body without a healthy mind?

Storms will come and go, but love is eternal.

Love left unexpressed often turns to sadness
Love expressed most often turns to joy.

An act of kindness directed to strangers
Returns to one as an old friend.

A true teacher will never refuse to learn from their students.

A mind that is always open begets learning
A mind that is closed reaps resentment

Friendships are like diamonds; Hard to find and always in need of polishing.

Without love the path is always long and hard
With love present the path only sometimes seems long.

When the heart is pure the mind will unclench.

These are but a few of the things I was thinking of way back then. Hopefully I will be able to share some more with you at a later date. I take leave of you now with thoughts of pure love, joy, and peace. May your day be filled with these things and much more!


Silentwhisper1 said...

Awesome advice.As usual you're writing makes one think,not of ourselves at times,but of others.I appreciate the reminders always.

Hope you and your family are well.Anymore grandkids? Come May I'll have another,which I'm very excited over.
The best to you and yours, my friend.Hugs from BC~

captron52 said...

Hello Dee. So great to hear from you! And thank you for the kind words. We are doing good here. Been snowed in and rather cold but things are warming up some. No more grandkids as of now, but who knows what the future will bring. Congrats on your soon to be grandchild! That's wonderful news! As always the very best to you and that beautiful family of yours. Back at ya with the hugs!

Dark Star said...

All I can say is that you are a really good human Ron. I am truly glad to enjoy your company in this 3D life my friend. Be well Ron. Regards, Jedi

captron52 said...

Thank you so very much Jedi. I consider your friendship such a blessing! I am happy to be able to call you a friend. The very best to you and yours always.

Christopher Dos Santos said...

Namaste brother, common sense, on occasion, has a nice way of transcending time. Thanks for sharing Ron, as usual a post packed full of good old, never to be forgotten, words from the wise.

Take care Ron, have a wonderful week brother.

In Lak' ech, prosper with love.. live with joy....

captron52 said...

Thank you for those kind and encouraging words Christopher. The best to you and yours as always!