Saturday, April 4, 2015


"Imagine all the people living life in peace.......(John Lennon)
Can you just imagine how great this world would be if we all learned to get along and live in peace? I think about that very often but realize there is so much more work to be done until we learn to love each other even  more than we love ourselves. But I can still dream! and I will continue to do so even when I see some radical religious group kill innocent folks because they do not ascribe to their beliefs. How strange to hear that there are those who kill and maim others in the name of some God they are trying to push on all of humanity. I just cannot imagine a God who wants innocent people killed because they don't follow some imaginary path to a place that awaits us after death. I really don't get it. Why do we hate others because they don't agree with our way of living? Why do we feel we are always right and the others are wrong? How can a person just kill someone for the sport of it? So much bizarre stuff that goes on in this world is totally beyond my imagination. For a second just try to see a world where every person truly loved each other. The only things we would have to deal with in that case would be accidents or forces of nature such as hurricanes, floods, tornados and the like. We would be able to do away with locks and keys. Imagine leaving your door to your house open all the time while it holds your earthly treasures? Why we could even put our gold on the front doorstep to shine while not being worried someone would take it from us! A world where everybody helped each other. No more wars and the need to spend millions of dollars on weapons. We could instead use that money to see that every human being had enough to eat and a place to stay. I could go on with many more examples but it wouldn't change anything. I know this will not happen, at least in my lifetime but I will keep on dreaming. That is the only way I can survive here, by never giving up hope for all of us to live as one. I know I can't "fix" this world and its problems but I can and I will continue to love others and hope you will to. Just love--that is truly all any of us need. I leave you with thoughts of perfect love, peace, and joy to each of you fine folks. Try to do something nice for someone today and see if it doesn't make you feel better about things. And please keep dreaming of a world where we all live in peace. May the sun keep shining down on your backdoor always!


deepian said...

Hi Ron. You say you can't fix this world and its problems, but I say that simply by being the embodiment of selfless love - even for one moment - we have an automatic and immediate beneficial influence on the world around us. By being loving we each help to fix this world. By adopting a powerful spiritual consciousness of love, the world will change around us. And, because our natural inherent love is so powerful when we unleash it, it only requires a very tiny proportion of the souls of the world to do so and a tipping point will be reached such that the whole world will be transformed (nature will play its part in this). Love is the ONLY way to fix things IMO!

captron52 said...

How right you are Ian. Thanks for the visit and for sharing your thoughts with us. Here's to more loving for the entire planet and its life forms.

Dark Star said...

Hello Ron,

Love is not the answer. Love is not what everyone makes it out to be... nothing is.

Here is what LOVE means...and it was meant only solve low world population problem thousands of years ago to create breading.. and increased the salves to the matrix.

Another subliminal hidden in our language is the word LOVE. We talk about LOVE but you really can’t nail it down, just what this word really means. Here goes…

LOVE = LOVe with a long O vowel sound as in LOAVE
BRED = BA-RE or WAter-Death Sacrifice sound from Egyptian mythology – RED = BLOOD

The word RED means Water Death.


EYE ALL = AISLE = as in getting MARRIED, we WALK down the AISLE. An extremely trance inducing ritual.
Marry is Mare, the Sea, and marriage is to succumb to the seduction of the SEA/SEE.

LOVE is the worship of ALLAH, or the ALL SEEING EYE. This worship relates to SEX, to DEATH, to REGENERATION, and is used to manipulate our reality. As always, this is not right or wrong, or sinful, because sin doesn’t exist. But it is deception, meant to forfeit our power into the control of the luciferian mindset.

Michael Jackson used to wear one glove on one hand. The subliminal attached to this is:

GLOVE = Y-LOVE (substituting G for Y) = EYE LOVE = EYE EVOL = EVOL EYE = EVIL EYE

(This is not to say that Michael Jackson was aware in the slightest, of the subliminal attached to this act of wearing ONE GLOVE).


captron52 said...

Hey Dark Star. Thanks for stopping by. I'm sure not intelligent or well informed enough to say I see what you mean. Gotta admit you kinda lost me when you said love is not the answer. I have to disagree with you on that one. I don't claim to know the reality of all tings but I still believe that love is the answer to all things as we know it. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us. And as always I will say, you may be right and I may be way off. Either way I send loving thoughts your way. Thanks again for the visit.

Christopher Dos Santos said...

Namaste brother Ron, IMAGINE. Love is consciousness, it is eternal, non compromised and needs no fixing. I believe judgment to be the greatest of all the Ego Self obstacles for the God Self to transcend.

It is natural to feel offended. It is natural to wish for a better world. It is natural to choose love instead of fear. What is not natural is the inability to accept all manifest reality.

Let us together try to define your feelings my brother.

1. You feel that by accepting the "ugliness" in our world, it means that you are somehow a part of the problem.
2. Your desire for harmony, loving relations and balance is derived from a need to see fairness in our world.
3. You feel the world is broken and you wish to help fix it.
4. Peace, love and tranquility is something you desire for the entire race.
5. It saddens you to see people who suffer or cause sufferance.

Look closely at the above mentioned list. The thread is easily spotted. My brother, you are denying the alternate choice to love as representing an important and inescapable expression of consciousness. These sentiments, although compassionate, reasonable and understandable do not make sense when weighed against the way consciousness expresses itself. Why is this the case brother? I think you already know, still let us take a brief look at consciousness.

1. There can be not hot without cold, you know what this means my brother.
2. Consciousness has no boundaries, truly, in all instances, both scientifically and spiritually your enemy, like your lovely wife, is yourself. You know the importance of unity consciousness brother.
3. Darkness is the bearer of light. This transition from maya to compassion you know all too well.
4. Consciousness is a circle, it moves from knowing the true self to not knowing the true self. We are obviously deeply rooted in darkness, as it is meant to be.
5. This thing we call consciousness, or God if you will, it is eternal, omnipresent and undeniably perfect. Does God make mistakes, I trust not, this is the domain of Ego.

You have struggled with this lesson for many years brother, most of your life in fact. You have the knowledge and capacity to release this need for judgement. Within you there is a seed of knowledge awaiting tender care. I urge you to contemplate what exactly consciousness is and why this experience MUST be based in CHOICE, must be DUAL IN NATURE.

You wish to change the world, this is not necessary. You are a representative living as the fractal tug on the sleeve of consciousness my dearest of brothers. You need only accept all that is and then CHOOSE LOVE. By choosing love, you don't need me to tell you how important your role is in shifting consciousness back toward an expression of knowing the true God Self.

Consciousness is, consciousness changes, consciousness will always either move toward love or away. BUT IT MUST MOVE! IT MUST EXPRESS ALL!

This is a very important spiritual lesson brother. My opinion after being your friend for many years is that you do little to grasp, endorse, and accept this truth. You are caught in judgment dear brother, this does not suit a man of your philosophical stature.

Please do not take offense Ron, this lesson is the toughest of all nuts to crack, but I want to help you embody this truth. I have tried subtly to do so. However, I trust my coyness has proven a disservice to you. For this I apologize brother, I should have pushed my point with more vigor.

In Lak' ech, dear brother Ron, prosper with knowledge.... live beyond judgment.... embody unconditional love...

captron52 said...

Hey Christopher I never take offense when a friend shares with me their true feelings. As I've said before I realize I am still in "darkness" of the ego self on too many occasions. And I know I as an ego self will never truly comprehend or understand all things spiritual in nature. I am only doing what I feel led to do in my heart. And if that means doing things from the ego then that is what I will continue to do. At least until my heart sends me in a different direction. There are times though when I know I am being judgmental but I still allow my ego to have its say at times. I really do understand what you are saying though my friend. If I can get past the illusions of ego and just accept that unconditional love is everywhere then I would be seeing that love expressed in everything. I admit I am at times weak and that I succumb to the ego self. But each moment I am trying to stop judging and live ego free. Right now I am only doping the best I can with what I've got .And sometimes that does get me in "trouble". But I am listening to you brother even if it may not seem that way. Thanks again for your friendship and for all you do to shine your light in this world. Keep up the good work you do!