Tuesday, June 14, 2016


As I tend to do at times I was sitting in the park just watching the wheels go round one day last week. My mind it seems is forever rambling (Thank goodness for that!) about this and that. Well for no particular reason I began to think about friendship and what all that entails. As I have gotten older I have come to realize that family and friends are the only thing that means very much to me. I am just so thankful that I was born into a family where love and respect was taught from day one. I was taught to respect others and to love people with everything I had. Ok, so I messed up some regarding that. Yeah, I once was more occupied with myself and the things I thought I wanted than I was on learning to love everybody. I know I've changed for the better over my lifetime and I no longer look back with any regrets when it comes to the way I have treated others. And I have been blessed with great family members and many really great friends. But here is what was rambling through my mind on this day about being a friend. There are different types of friends as I'm sure you are aware of. Here is just my views and in no way am I trying to tell you how to be a good friend. Let's say you was to fall and break a leg. A friend may call and say they are sorry to hear about the accident. Another friend may stop by and offer a helping hand with things. Another friend just shows up with enough food ready to eat. Then there is that friend that not only helps you out taking care of chores around the house, but also insists on helping out with the bills until you are able to work again. Another example that crossed my mind was this. God forbid you were to ever get in trouble with the law for anything but let's just say you are falsely arrested for something and taken to jail to await trial. A friend of yours contacts you and wants to know the whole scoop about things. Another friend tells you they are behind you and will help in any way they can. Yet another friend just seems to want to gossip to everyone else about what has happened. Some friends may believe you are guilty of whatever and just turn their back and forget about you. Another friend may go out and try to collect evidence that you are not guilty after all. And another friend tells you this, Whatever you did or didn't do you can count on me to stand beside you and continue to love you no matter what happens. One final example, Just imagine you have "lost" the love of your life when he or she has breathed their last breath as a human being. A friend calls, comes over, and stays with you through the long night ahead, offering solace and compassion. Another friend calls and asks if there is anything they can do. Another friend does whatever needs to be done as you go through the grieving process by helping out with all the small things one has to do on a daily basis. Then there is the friend who not only does all those things, but remains in your life long after this ordeal is over. They realize that so called death is a hardship that we all have to deal with the best way we know how. So rather than disappearing after the funeral services, this friend checks in with you quite often, especially on dates that remind you of the one you have "lost". They also remind you that love never dies and that the person you have loved will always be in your heart. These are just a couple of examples of how being a true friend may entail a little more sacrifices for you but a real friend is truly a blessing. I do hope all of you have some really great friends to be there for you in good or bad times. And to have someone call you a friend is the highest compliment one can receive. In parting may I gently remind you to be good to yourself and even better to others. Show someone this very moment that you consider them a friend and love them deeply. To all of you I wish only the very best to you and yours.


Chris Ledgerwood said...

I'm proud to call you friend, Ronnie! Been catching up on your posts today. you're a wise man! thanks for sharing.

captron52 said...

Hey Chris. Great to see you again. Me a wise man? Nah, I'm rather just an old guy who has had some wisdom forced on me whether
I wanted it or not! You are a great friend Chris and I sincerely thank you for allowing me that privilege of being a friend. As always I wish the very best for you and yours.

www.godlymanifestation.blogspot.ca said...

Namaste brother Ron;

friends come in all sorts don't they? My lifestyle does not lend itself well to amassing many friends. However, those few friends I do have, I greatly value.

You, my dear brother, are a wonderful friend. You're thoughtful, kind, considerate, as well, very loving. Thank you for your presence in my life. You enrich my world, broaden my perspectives, continually teach me how to better express love. I love you Ronnie, gracefully, you wave your banner, reminding us how to better care for each other.

In Lak' ech, dearest brother, prosper with love... live with friendship.

captron52 said...

Your kind words settle so softly in my heart Christopher. Thank you so much for the kind words but mostly for allowing me to be a friend of yours. True friends are surely hard to find but such a treasure when one does arrive. Thanks again dear Brother.