Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Not only have I been getting more tired physically these days I am really getting tired of some of the stuff going on in this world.I know I'm ranting a little but here goes anyhow. I'm really tired of having to put up with living in a world where the fair minded and honest people are pushed into a deeper hle every day while the world piles reward upon reward to those who lie, cheat and steal to anyone who gets in their way. Im tired of our courts letting thugs and all kinds of evil doers go scott free and putting otherwise good folks into jail for smoking a little pot or failing to pay an unfair tax or some other nonsense like that. Im tired of living in a world where idiots go around plotting ways to kill innocent people all in the name of God or whatever else they claim to believe in. Im tired of this world being full of innocent starving children while countries such as ours spend more than enough money to feed these children on invading other countries and starting wars. Im sick and tired of the same ol politicial system that only serves to put a select few in charge while at the same time holding otherwise good people down. Forgive me if Im wrong but dont you think the politicians shyuld at least have to live by the same standards they force us to live under? Did you ever wonder why they seem not real concerned with with Social Security going broke? Could it be that they have enacted laws that make sure their financial security is safe. They dont have to depend on SS they have made laws that giv e themselves a continious retirement benefit seperate. In other words they have made sure their asses uh I mean their assets are a sure thing and that they will never have to worry about money.Ands you know what Im tired of the American public being so gullibile that they continue to elect the samde people over and over and when they do decide to vote for someone else they have no idea who they are voting for.Republicans, democrats,all party members have 1 thing in common. And that is they are going to take care of themselves first. Im so tired of kentuckys government in Frankfort I could jsut scream. That good ol boys network has been going on for as long as I can remember and they keep putting it to us every year. We are 1 of the poorest states in the Union and people wonder why! Im also tired of the tele-evanglists on tv begging for my money.They will "pray" for you and yours if youi send them a hearty donation--if you dont have any money I suppose you are just out of luck. Im tired of the people who let themselves get fooled by any of these slick talking hal-assed human beings who claim to be doing Gods work Give me a break! You know what else Im tired of. Seeing otherwise smart and intelligent people being lead down one path or another by these slickers.Cmon folks how about using that mind to come up with your own solutionsand ways of doing things.And Im tired of false friends. Those whom you have tried to be friends with and all they do is call you when THEY want something. I guess Im just getting old and cranky but it sure seems like the good folks keep getting screwed and the good honest people get nothing but heartache in return while the leeches of this world with their smirky smile and slick tongues get all the good stuff. I just think Im in the wrong world and Im about ready to just quit trying and become one of those "lambs' who is willing to be led in any direction.I guess after all is said Im just damned tired and Ive got a case of the blues.Hey, but tomorrow is a new day so who knows!


Anonymous said...

I would really like a Merry Christmas in July. Do you know anyone that would agree? Would love to get a call from you, and please tell your lovely soul mate I said hello. I promise I don't want anything, just a call.

captron52 said...

Hello Alice Thanks for stopping by. Ill give you a call this week God bless you!