Tuesday, September 28, 2010


I truly believe that each day is a gift given to each of us to do with what we please. There are times when lots of us seem to forget this. We sometimes start our day off with a negative attitude and feel stressed to get our "work" done. We oft times begin the day without stopping to give thanks that we are alive and have a brand new day just waiting to embrace us with its many splendors. A new day which noone has ever lived in before nor will again. And we have at our fingertips the Divine "brush" to create our masterpiece. I firmly believe if each of us would take a moment at the beginning of each new day to decide to give a gift back to the One Mind our days would then be better lived and contain much more love and goodness. And the gifts we decide to give dont have to cost us anything. Sometimes the gift of being nice to a stranger will do more for us than a gift which cost lots o f money. Some of the gifts we could and should giv e freely as an example are: A warm smile to everyone we meet, a handshake that says I love you, A compliment to someone who doesnt expect it, holding a door open for the next person, letting someone go in front of you even tho you are next in line--You get the picture Im sure.And the best thing about giving gifts from the heart is that you as the giver are as much blessed by it as the receiver of the gift. So allow your ego self to step aside and try "gifting" from the heart at least once or twice a day and see the positive results in your life happen often. In closing Id like to share the following quote about giving to others. This quote comes from the book Walking Through Illusion by my friend Betsy Otter Thompson.--"Giving to others without emotional lift leaves you bereft of pleasure, and others bereft of a gift"-- So make sure the gift you give comes from the heart simply for the purpose of doing something nice with no regards to getting anything back in return.Hugs I now leave with each of you wonderful people!


beth thomas said...

Hi, I also did a review of Betsy's book, "Walking Through Illusion," and wanted to take a peek at others that did as well.

I wholeheartedly agree with your post above. Well said

I love the simple instructions of "gifting" from the heart at least once a day. This perhaps will become a habit for me.

captron52 said...

Hi Beth Thank you for stopping by and for taking a moment to leave a comment.Glad you liked it and I do hope yu will come back any time for a visit.And my wish is that each of us will get into a habit of doing nice, simple, things for others on a regular basis.