Friday, August 3, 2012


I honestly believe all of us human beings have within us the innate seed to blossom into a loving, kind, caring, and warm person.Why some never seem to realize this or to even begin to develop into this type of human being is a little beyond my explanation.Those who are sociopaths and believe that they "deserve" everything they desire just because they are here is beyond even my wildest imagination.But whatever the reasons I still believe most of us can and should learn to develop our abilities and try our best to rediscover the inner beauty that resides within us at all times.For those of you who think you have nothing special inside to share with others, I'd like to share this thought from Swami Chetanananda:"Think of a tree, or any living event that emerges from within itself. It is the degree to which it obeys its inner commitment to unfold a certain pattern that enables it to overcome all of the resistance and the obstacles in the environment, and to demostrate itself as  a vast and vital manifestion of the energy of Life." Taking this as fact should enable one to "remember" who they really are inside no matter what the outside appearances seem to indicate. My hope is that each of us can dig down and again become "one" with our inner self and start from there to become a better human being.And as you go about your day how about doing something nice for someone just because you wish to be a part of life's solutions. I bless you all good people and send warm thoughts of love and best wishes to you and yours now and always.


Christopher Dos Santos said...

Namaste brother, there are many recipe's for cake. However, if you use mud in the recipe, well, it just won't taste good.

We are love, none excluded, many of us cannot see this truth because the pain we carry is so very much greater than the love we know. There is no good or bad, just knowledge or the lack thereof.

In Lak'ech, bother Ron, prospering in pain is discovering love, just take a while for the circle to compplete...

captron52 said...

Thanks for stopping in Christopher.Sure hope you and yours are doing really great!