Monday, October 1, 2012


In the world today many of us have yet to understand that conditions in our lives are usually there by our own design wheather we admit it or not. It has become so convenient for us to readily place blame on something or someone for the "mess" we find in our lives from time to time. I mean its so easier to place blame than to admit we are responsible for our own ills. And if we cant find blame on something or someone we oft times just put it down as bad luck.While I do admit there are things that seem out of our control I still believe we can and must use our own intelligence to overcome these so called "bad" things.There really is no such thing as luck in my world. I either have caused the thing in my life or I have allowed my thinking to stray from the truth--that being that Me and only me is responsible for things that arise as conditions in my life.Are there other worldly influences in this world that help shape my destiny? Of course there are, but it is ultimately up to me to decide what it is I want to see made manifest in my world. There are times when I would perfer to blame a "devil" or something else for my problems but I know that is not the case.At least for me as I see it.Everything , and I mean everything arrives as a condition in my life directly related to my thoughts and actions. And yes, that is a lot of responsibility to own up to.One of my favorite authors of all time Ralph Waldo Emerson has stated the following and I agree with him completely."Shallow men ( women) believe in luck, believe in circumstances....... Strong men ( women) believe in cause and effect." And a quote from the Science of Mind states this:Just so far as we depend upon any condition, past, present, or future, we are creating chaos, because we are then dealing with conditions(effects) and not with causes.So I feel if we are to correct or change any challenges that we find ourselves confronted with, we must turn within, and then work on creating the cause that will produce the solution we are seeking. My sincere hope for all of us is that we as a world of human beings will soon realize that we are in "control" of our lives and that we can effect any outcome that we may desire. I now leave all of you wonderful folks with thoughts of pure love, peace, joy, and understanding. And as always, if you have a free moment take advantage of it and do something nice for someone.I bless you all and say thank you for visiting me once again.


Christopher Dos Santos said...

Namaste brother Ron, nice post. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on the subject.

Causality is certainly one of the currents of energy which provides experiential motion. However, beyond causality there does exist other esoteric rivers of energy which subtly and grossly direct our reality.

I speak to Dharma, the cosmic order of consciousness, of which, we float upon it's surface like a leaf upon a river eddy.

The question I pose to you my brother. Which is the ultimate master; causality or Dharma?

If we understand consciousness to be manifest perfection, then we can more easily accept all paths as beauty personified.

In Lak'ech, brother Ron, illusion upon illusion... the onion peels...

captron52 said...

Hey Christopher thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts on the subject.I can't answer your question other than to say that I believe that each one of us is really the ultimate master of our existence.Sure hope you and yours are doing great these days!Thanks again for sharing your much valued wisdom with us!