Sunday, September 23, 2012


For today's entry I am using 2 songs, both of which were performed by the Staple Singers back in  either the 1970's or 80's.I'm not sure who wrote the words but to me the words are just so beautiful while being simple at the same time(which I like a lot, being simple that is). The Staple Singers came out with their first song being played on the radio and it was titled"I"ll Take You There" Here are some of those lyrics---"I know a place ain't nobody crying, ain't nobody worried, ain't no smiling faces lying to the races Help me now C'mon help me I'll take you there I'm calling calling for mercy now I'll take you there you gotta gotta let me take you there". After hearing that song I always wondered just what a beautiful place they were talking about. And after a bit of time they came out with the follow-up song which was titled "Come Go With Me" Here are some of those lyrics--"If you're ready come on and go with me, no hatred will be tolerated, Peace and love will grow between the races. Love is the only transportation to where there's total communication. If you're ready come go with me. No disaster will ever enter there, no wars would ever be declared, no economical exploitation and no political domination. Troublemaker , come go with me you better get ready now, liars, Oh I'm waiting on you, backstabbers, now come on and go with me, yeah and all the terrorists c'mon ya'll, if you wanna be free come go with me, see I'm just moving on just moving on, grooving I can't help it but I'm moving on. C'mon and go with me yeah please c'mon and go with me" Of course I loved that song even more than the first one the Staples did.And for years now I have been a believer that this place they sang about really could exist right here on planet earth if everyone would just take time to love each other, throw out all the hatred, biases, greed , and instead of being mean to one another, try and be as good to everyone as you are yourself.You say I'm a dreamer? I take your point of view and understand why you may think this "place" will never happen.But in "my" world I try my very best to be good to everyone and to treat all life with the reverence it deserves.But even if my "dream" of this wonderful place does not materialize while I am here as a human being, I will at least feel like I  have made an effort to encourage this way of living.If I may even just touch one soul in a way that helps them understand about living in peace and unconditional love then it will not have been in vain.My friends, I wish I could do as the Staple Singers said, and that is to take you there, but I know in reality that you and only you can arrive at that destination. But I can offer my hand in friendship and wish you all the very best.I leave you fine folks now with thoughts of perfect love, peace, joy, and understanding.And please, if you can, do something nice for someone right now!"HUGS" to all.


Silentwhisper1 said...

Amen my friend.xo

captron52 said...

Thank you for stopping by Dee.The best to you and yours my friend!