Thursday, June 27, 2013


How often do you immediately judge someone or some event without truly taking the time to really think about it? I don't know why but it seems to me that most human beings are really way to quick to make judgments about others. Seems as if the person immediately places judgment if it does not coincide with their beliefs. And the judgment is usually tinted by their own personal biases. You probably have heard the old adage that says judge not that you be not judged. Well, I can agree with that to a certain extent. If someone tells you they do not judge others then they are either lying or sadly mistaken. All of us make judgments every day. Day in, day out, we are forced to make judgments. I feel the old adage truly means we should not condemn others when we do make a judgment of any kind. We can all not agree every time and we shall all have very different ways of looking at things. this is just human nature and it has always been that way. The problem as I see it, is that when we make a judgment and condemn the other person then that is where we go astray. We should be very careful as to the way we judge others so that we too, can ask for a little understanding and patience from others. I love this quote from Mother Teresa who once stated: "If you judge people, you have no time to love them." That is so true I do believe. Now that doesn't mean we have to agree with the other person all the time and yes, it will be necessary for us to make judgments from time to time.  But if we are a little more understanding, a little more loving, and a little more open minded, I do believe we will find that others are giving us the same in return. And if they fail to do that for us,  then we may decide to just let them be who they are and accept that they are not yet ready to understand the real meaning of "Judge not that you may be judged ". I feel we should accept the fact that all our brothers and sisters in this human form are divinely perfect no matter what the appearance may seem to be. Let us choose to set aside those "hurtful" judgments and instead strive to see the divinity in all people. The Science of Mind Textbook issues us this statement which I think says it all. The quote goes as follows: The Truth is that the Spiritual Man (Woman) is already Perfect, no matter what the appearance may be. My hope is that all of us will quickly see this Truth and that we will begin to live our lives accordingly. Then for the second time in human existence we will have discovered fire. I leave you now with thoughts of perfect love, perfect peace, and perfect harmony. If you can at this moment stop and do something nice for someone else then you will be helping to light that fire that this world needs so badly right now. Please go in peace and try your very best to be a part of life's solutions and not a part of the problem. "HUGS" to all of you beautiful people.


Christopher Dos Santos said...

Namaste brother Ron; a topic worthy of serious consideration. The point you make about inherent perfection is one I am constantly reminding myself about.

Whatever we may see before us is, in all cases, absolute perfect. We all play roles, each role is significant, each role is to be cherished. No doubt there are many criminal or socially challenged choices people make that appear to be incongruous with our personal path however; we gain grace when we discover these distasteful actions are consistent with the overarching expression of duality in consciousness.

All shit happens for an expressed purpose! No shit happens by chance! All shit each of us experience has been brought to our table by our superego as lessons which will, if allowed, facilitate our own personal development! Bottom line; don't judge the shit we see!!! find a way to understand why it exists and what lessons we are to learn from it's presence.

How many times do we see a fractal expression of our psyche played out in the material world? Plant one rose in shit and plant another in sand; which one will grow better? Shit happens, it's up to each of us to do what we will with it, we can toss it away, complain about the smell, or we can use it to make ourselves grow.

Another thought provoking post brother, thank you for always dipping into the well of intelligence.

In Lak'ech, brother Ron, may you live with that you can grow compassion...

captron52 said...

Hi Christopher. Thanks again for stopping by and taking a moment to share your thoughts with us. I love the way you can express your feelings in such a way that it is very easy to understand. I wish I had that ability! Thanks for your kind words of encouragement also. Words and friendships like yours are what gives me the spur needed to continue on. Sure hope you and yours are doing great and will have an extraordinary weekend!

Eve said...

Hey Ron, I agree with you, it's true we all do make snap judgements about others and I don't think it's anything we can control. I've heard that within 3 seconds of meeting someone new, we've made many judgements about them. It's necessary to make judgements otherwise we wouldn't know whether or not we were said it, the key is to not condemn people for not sharing our beliefs or our culture, or our tastes.
An uplifting post as always.

captron52 said...

Thanks for stopping in Eve. And thanks for sharing your wisdom with us. Have yourself a great week!