Monday, June 3, 2013


Today I would like to ask all you fine folks out there to send some healing thoughts to all the people here in the Midwestern part of the United States who have been dealing with tornados and severe storms the past few weeks. Oklahoma in particular has been devastated by them. Entire towns wiped out, good people dead, injured, and left homeless, and still the storms rage on. Here where I live, in the western part of the state of Kentucky we are also considered to be in the "tornado alley" of the Midwest. For some reason the storms usually hit all around the city I live in but so far have not touched down within the city limits. But several small communities that surround Paducah are hit with storms that cause much damage and take lives every year. Mother Nature seems to have run amok in the past few years down here. One year it was flooding(again this year also) the next it was an ice storm that left us without power for weeks. Then it was a drought one year that caused much concern and hardship. I am used to seeing severe thunderstorms here every year and it still amazes the wrath that Mother Nature hits us with. This planet is showing just how merciless it is when it comes to the weather patterns. I'm pretty sure the planet will continue on its wings of change and that one day the planet itself may be wiped out and become a rogue planet. Only time will tell. But at this moment in time there are oh so many folks around the world who are facing the "hard" times of severe weather. And even though our technology has come so far, we are still, at times, helpless to do much of anything. So today, if you will, how about just sending some positive healing vibrations out to all of the folks who are facing the wrath of Nature. We are "ONE" and when one of us is hurting, then all of us are hurting in some way. Thanks for your time and may I just add that since all of us don't really know for sure when we are gonna leave this place and make our transition elsewhere, let us all reach out right now and do something nice for someone while we still have the opportunity! I wish for you and yours the very best of everything.


Eve said...

Hey Ron, I feel real sad about the storms down there. I still have people I consider family down in ex husbands family who I still keep in touch with and get along great with. I did think it was kind of comical..for lack of a better word... that the biggest tornado in history was just recorded the other day in El Reno Oklahoma...I got married in El Reno back in '81! My oldest son was born in Oklahoma City. I remember feeling kind of at home down there because we lived in Canadian County, in Yukon, in Canadian Manor apartments!
Anyways, I really feel for these people affected by the storms, and I'm so happy that all my family is okay.

captron52 said...

Hey Eve thanks for stopping by dear. We have our oldest granddaughter who just graduated high school this year who lives in Okla City. Thankfully none of our folks were harmed by the tornados but I feel so bad for all those who were. Hope you are doing great these days