Friday, December 5, 2014


Like it or not we are all a family. A human family, for better or worse, is what we have before us. That doesn't seem to mean very much to many of us. We even have trouble just getting along with our family members we live with at times! So how can we learn to love all of our family the world over? I sure can't give you  a simple answer for that one but I will say this. I hope all of us will right now take a moment and think about those we love. Are we still holding some kind of grudge against any of them? Do we find ourselves angry with an of them? When was the last time you just told all of them that you love them? For your sake as well as mine I hope you will take a moment to just realize that without the love of family we possess nothing of any importance. And as I see it, there are way too many human beings who still believe that hate, prejudice, and greed among other negatives, are the way we should be doing things. We are One. May we quickly realize and understand that before we totally ruin this wonderful world we find ourselves in.  Today I use a quote from the Bible from I Thessalonians 5:15, See that none render evil unto any man: but ever follow that which is good, both among yourselves, and to all men.
 I might also add that this verse should include women and children and all life. Noted the bible was written long ago before man woke up and begin to treat women and children as an equal instead of underlings. But the message still remains one of great importance. We must begin to love everyone and stop all the senseless violence and greed that is running rampant today. May I remind you that you can help begin this turnaround just by doing something nice to someone today. Please remember to be good to yourself and even better to others. We can change the world one person at a time. I bless all of you and leave you with thoughts for perfect love, peace, and joy. Be well and enjoy each moment. Show love, give love be love for that is truly all you are.


Silentwhisper1 said...

And then....amen.

Flowers and butterflies your way~~~xo

Breath-e said...

Happy New Year to you, dear! Here is a prayer that your next turn about the sun is delightful.

Sarah - Breath-es

deepian said...

Captron - I love the simplicity and consistency of your message, and I love the message itself. We cannot have too many reminders to start loving each other.

"how can we learn to love all of our family the world over?" Try to see the divine being - the sparkling soul - that is (often hidden) behind the outward personality and oft-misguided behaviour of our fellow human beings. When we see each other as divine beings, then we automatically love all.


captron52 said...

Hello Dee. Thank you for the visit and comment. Enjoy the weekend!

captron52 said...

Hi Sarah So good to hear from you again. Thank you for the warm wishes. As always the very best to you and yours.

captron52 said...

Hey Ian Thanks for again stopping by and for sharing your thoughts with us. You are so right! Maybe some day we will all learn to see the Divine in everyone! The best to you and yours.