Monday, December 15, 2014


I suppose most of us think about the day we will leave this human body and cease to be a human being. Some don't like to think about it because of their unfounded fear of "dying". Well, I don't claim to know exactly what happens to us at the moment of "death" but here is the one thing I am pretty sure about. And that is that it would be a downright shame for anyone of us if when we are at the point of death that we then realize we haven't really lived at all. And by that I mean that we realize too late all the opportunities to do good as a human being that we left undone. Or even just the moments we could have taken to be still and just give thanks for all the beauty around  us. And instead we took all those opportunities and squandered them for whatever reason. That could be a subject that deserves greater debate, but for today I wanted us to think about what we would do if we did indeed know for sure that this was going to be our final day on earth. What would you do if you knew you were destined to die in 24 hours? If this was the case, take a moment to think about what you would do. We can think about it, but still can't be sure. For in that final moment all our plans could change in a heartbeat.  As for myself, I like to think that I would take the first bit of my last day and just take a long walk somewhere out in Mother Nature. A walk out in the woods maybe, or a walk along a beach? Or maybe just a walk around the neighborhood or out in the city park? Some time just spent soaking in all the natural beauty that surrounds us everyday. After that, maybe I'd take some time to call my old friends and my family members. Maybe I would call on that one person who had helped to inspire me to do good in this world. I would also want to contact anyone with whom I felt I needed to make an apology to for something I had ever said or done to hurt their feelings or cause them any grief. I would definitely want to mend any bridges with those I had ever had disagreements with. I would also tell all my family and friends just how much I loved them. I also hope I would enter that one last blog to say goodbye to all my "online" friends. And to leave all with a reminder to enjoy each moment and to show gratitude for all the good in their lives. But as I think about these things I would want to do,it occurs to me that 24 hours probably just wouldn't be enough time. So instead of spending to much time thinking about it I suppose I should just start living each day as if it was my last one on earth. So to all the world I say--I love you. I say I am sorry to all that I may have offended in any way--I say how about doing something nice for someone right now while you have the chance. I say enjoy each moment and finally I say--Give love, accept love, be love, for that is truly all any of us are. I leave you now with thoughts of perfect love, perfect peace, perfect kindness, and perfect joy. May all of your days be good ones and when that final day does arrive may you go in peace unto that Greater Consciousness of Spirit where all is One. And some day I will see you there!


Christopher Dos Santos said...

Namaste brother; a bucket list for the last day. This is an interesting post, one which causes us to think of the things we value most. If I knew I had one last day on earth I would do the following.

1. Wakeup to my favourite breakfast.
2. Drop a few hits of LSD and take a very long walk in the forest and along the ocean.
3. Have a large bonfire on the beach then cook up a wonderful shore lunch on the red hot coals.
4. Say goodbye to those I love.
5. Prepare a huge bonfire so that when I die my wife can hire someone to toss me on the heap.
6. Cook up a fantastic steak and seafood dinner with great wine and serenaded by my favourite music.
7. Sit by a grand fire as the sun sets upon the ocean.
8. Dance and make love with my darling wife in a beautiful BC old growth forest.
9. Smoke some fantastic ganja with a bottle of Bollinger and give praise this beautiful world experience.
10. Sing, celebrate and take pleasure in knowing I will soon be moving to a place I have always desired to go.

All of this I would do with my darling wife and son.

In Lak' ech, brother Ron, prosper with love... live with joy...

deepian said...

When we are in a bad accident, or we simply do something dangerous, it takes us towards that experience of facing death. Then we get things in better perspective - what is REALLY important to us? What is actually wasting our time and keeping us from that doing which is important? Such moments of clarity can be very inspirational and uplifting.

They say that nobody ever says on their deathbed "I wish I had worked harder" or " I wish I had made more money". But very frequently people say "I wish I had spent more time with with my loved ones, and less time working". Most of us seldom give priority to what is actually important to us (as souls). Let us all awaken ourselves to that perspective now, and avoid deathbed regrets.

Thanks Ron for raising this important and oft-avoided subject.

captron52 said...

Hey Christopher Thanks for your thoughts on the subject. I really like the way you would spend your last day. That would be a great sendoff! The best to you as always

captron52 said...

Hi Ian Thanks for stopping in and sharing your words with us. It really is a shame that we wait until something drastic happens before we stop and take a moment to just be thankful! Enjoy the moment and have a great day.

Garnet said...

I'd probably sit down and write my own obit,ostensibly because I'd be thinking that no one would get it right- and even if they did get the facts right they'd probably word it unsatisfactorily... Then I'd get so caught up in reviewing & summarizing my life that it would most likely take the whole 24 hours... but it would be worth it just to have a perfectly written summary of my life to leave behind.

captron52 said...

Hello Garnet Nice to meet ya Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Here's wishing you and yours a beautiful Christmas and a happy New Year.