Saturday, June 13, 2015


I'm sure this title will mean different things to each of us. Some might say that to them judgment day will come at their point of so called death when they cease to be a human being any longer. And that on that day they will be judged as to what kind of life they had lived. Others may say judgment day never comes. Some may say it comes at the end of the existence of the planet we call home. Then there are others such as myself that say every day is judgment day. i.e.The law of Karma which says that for our every action there is a corresponding reaction which comes back to us in some form. i.e. As you sow so shall you reap. Let us take a closer look at the word judgment. Webster's definition states--1-A deciding 2-legal decision 3 opinion. And the 3rd one is the one I am speaking of now. Judgments are only opinions and I have heard it said: opinions are like ---holes, we all have one. Kinda crass I know but true none the less. And that is what makes judgments the inexact sciences they are. In the Bible it says judge not so you will not be judged. Does this mean that we should never make any kind of judgments? I don't think so. I feel it is almost impossible as a human being not to make judgments about things. If for instance you happen to disagree with something I say, then you are judging me as being "wrong". And that may be true because I am wrong quite often! But hopefully if you do judge me as being wrong you will not condemn me for this. The way I see it this is where one encounters the impossibility of not judging. We all have to make many judgments every day. We have to. If not we would never say someone else is wrong. And that would make everyone else "right". I'm sure you can see the dilemma here. When one feels secure in their beliefs they usually scoff at another's "truth" and pity them for it. I believe that is why most of us surround ourselves with others who believe as we do. For example--Church groups, organizations, cults, clubs, and the like. I feel it is fine to be surrounded by those who reinforce our own beliefs. But at the same time if we only listen to those like minded folks we may be hindering our own personal growth. To expand our consciousness we maybe should become more open to the fact that maybe those who disagree with us could be another avenue for us to learn. I don't mean we have to accept their truths as either right or wrong. But by just listening and giving them a chance to express their beliefs, maybe we do learn something that just feels right to us. And then maybe we adopt some of their truth as our own. But if we dismiss them automatically we have no chance of learning from them. We are all students and also we are all teachers. I know we judge others but hopefully we will learn not to condemn. That is the key! I once talked to a very good man, a devout churchgoer, who was trying to convince me that my belief system was flawed. His belief was that if I did not adhere to his truth that I was damned to an afterlife in hell. I told him that even though I didn't agree that I was not judging him as being wrong. I was only making the judgment that our beliefs were different from each others. I also told him that his beliefs may well indeed be true. I told him he was judging me but he denied that. But I don't believe one can have it both ways. Either you judge and condemn or you just judge and still say it may be possible that you art right. What is right for one can be wrong for someone else. So judgment can be a really tricky subject. I sure don't expect you or anyone else to take everything I say as truth. I once again remind all that my truth is mine and mine only. I do hope I am always able to keep an open mind and change my beliefs as I see fit. I feel all of us are on our personal paths to truth and freedom. Separate paths indeed but ones that lead us back to who we truly are. That being pure Divine Love and Light. I surely do not want to offend anyone by my truths I speak of. I accept each of you as a part of myself. By doing so I send love to you and send love to myself as well. Since we are all one what I send you I send myself. My hope is that one day soon this world will be big enough for all different views. And maybe that maybe will set us all free. May all of you quickly find your own truth. And therein find pure love, joy, and oneness. Until the next time, be safe, do good to others, and let your light shine for all of us to see. Much love to all of you wonderful people.


deepian said...

Thank you CaptRon for this thought-provoking post. I certainly agree that "what's right for one can be wrong for someone else". Accordingly I try to focus on my own journey through this life, and share with others only in the hope that some may find my thoughts helpful, rather than as an attempt to persuade others that I have "the truth" to impart! I love the way that your posts aim to inspire, rather than persuade, and I feel that you set a good example in this.

As for judgement, I feel that we should only judge ourselves and never judge others. Although with others (as with ourselves) we need to discriminate as to what to take on board, and what to reject, this is not the same as judging, IMO. As I see it, the automatic balancing of karma is a divine system of natural justice, and it will always take care of keeping everything fair and just. It is up to us whether we choose to clear our negative karmic balances now, or leave it until a later "Judgement Day".

That said, it is difficult to avoid judging others! Certainly, for me, constant vigilance is required! How can I KNOW that others are wrong and I am right? I can't. I strive to be humble, and this is a constant battle for one currently in a Leo body like me!

captron52 said...

Hey Ian Thanks for the visit. And also for the encouraging words. I totally agree with you. I just hope folks realize that I am not trying to convince them of anything other than to be good to themselves and to others. I only share my thoughts the same way you do. Maybe helpful but not to persuade. Sure hope you and yours have a terrific new week ahead.

Christopher Dos Santos said...

Namaste brother Ron and DeepIan. I find this post to be most inspiring. Moreover, the trace of commentary to follow, brings to bear a philosophical gnat which, over the last couple of years, I have been meaning to play with.

Judgment as expressed in this post is revealed in two different guises. Ron first presents judgment in the form of personal choice. Always the diplomat, Ron takes care to posit his belief structure in such a way as to opine juxtaposed to many of us who carelessly assert our philosophy as right respective to another's wrong. Personal choice is an integral function of consciousness. Choice is a beautiful, enigmatic, aspect of consciousness. It enables our uniqueness, while at the same time, establishes borders for duality to appear.

Choice is enigmatic because it can originate from EgoSelf or GodSelf sentimentality, it's origin which will greatly colour the manifest effects to follow. In the guise of GodSelf choice, judgment usually arrives as benign and natural companion. However, as an expression of EgoSelf, choice can be the elixir for untold destruction.

Judgment as expressed with malice, whereas, I am right and you are wrong, will most often be a benefactor of maya, fear and dysfunction. Whilst always evoking the domain of Ego, judgmental malice renders us all weak.

I want to finish this thread but I have to take off for now.

The gnat named Karma will have to wait. :)

Love and best wishes guys.

In Lak' ech, prosper with love.... live with joy....

captron52 said...

Hey Christopher Thanks for stopping by. And for sharing your thoughts with us. As usual I have to agree with ya. As always the very best to you and yours.

Dark Star said...


My friend, my brother. Seeing this post has a purpose. It for the humans that understand the message contained with-in...not the words or the definitions.

Ron, This 3D illusion is a chest match in life. Your thoth entity is writing a move, a change. You are so close, your are awesome, and so well versed.

Yet we all have an understanding, most humans just don't get it. Some saying..they do, doesn't necessarily mean they actually get it! As an awaken being, you will understand everything...then you won't have to get it. Because Black & White will no longer exist, no duality & freedom!

Ron, You asked me just a short while ago to write. You have inspired me brother, my friend. May I use this post to post on Darkstar? It can be better explained in greater detail. We need to understand certain information to absorb what will be written.

Yet, here a brief comment on what you wrote.

"Separate paths indeed but ones that lead us back to who we truly are. That being pure Divine Love and Light"

Let me write a bed time story....

Imagine, the most profound perfect Paradise YOU CAN PUT IN TO THOUGHT. All beings in harmony as one." Got it?

I can say were we are from, not because I know, it's because of wisdom, NOT MY KNOWLEDGE! Knowledge is shit. This 3D illusion (not holograms), is created by thinking. We are not thinkers. We are PURE WISDOM! We are not we & we don't need to think, next to wisdom, there is nothing to learn & nothing to know. NO THING! Yes to know.. no thing (nothing) is who we truly are. We are already perfect. Love is a word....but in our original state of wisdom we are mega-times beyond all of this.

Please, this is hard to explain in a few paragraphs. The post on my blog will address these answers to your questions... if you really want the truth open your mind & heart. If you are going to judge, then don't bother...because you need to listen & not judge or react until you understand what's really going on!

What's going to happen for so called Judgment Day, will happen.

"Watch, Wait & Don't React!"

It's has nothing to do with judgment though. It's part of the code, THE DESIGN OF THIS WORLD we built. Redundancy, a built in flaw shall we say. The answer, as to who and what we truly are is a simple one. It's basic logic or even reptilian brain instinct. And it's certainly not thinking. Answers will be just have to open yourself, look inside without thought! I have explained it many times yet humans reject it, want to continue to sleep in this prison. They don't like to wake up from the dream....they think we are beautiful in this gorgeous world! In this paradise? We are from NO WHERE there is no division, all as one, all Wisdom & we can create any thing we want!

So why can't we change things now to make it better in this world? We can! You have to understand how! And learn where we are from. Remember, it only takes "ONE" "Eon" "Ion" to change everything!

Your Friend Jedi (Ian)

Dark Star said...

Something to add.

"In the Bible it says judge not so you will not be judged". Does this mean that we should never make any kind of judgments?

Which isn't necessarily good or just is.

Ian, you posted here without realizing the meaning of what you said. If you did, then you would not have written it thous way.

The following lines become rhetorical. It's an oxymoron.

You say this..."As for judgment, I feel that we should only judge ourselves and never judge others"

You are still making "judgment", even on yourself. Self judgment is the same thing as judgment on others because we are all one. Judge yourself? To feel Guilt? Happy? Ego? Why judge anything at all!

And this example..."Although with others (as with ourselves) we need to discriminate as to what to take on board, and what to reject, this is not the same as judging,"

Actually it is the same my young friend, you used the word "discriminate", it doesn't matter whether you believe it to be or not...the truth is, it's synonymous!

The definition of judgment....

"The ability to make considered decisions or come to sensible conclusions.
"an error of judgment" synonyms: discernment, acumen, shrewdness, astuteness, sense, common sense, perception, perspicacity, percipience, acuity, discrimination, reckoning, wisdom, wit, judiciousness, prudence, canniness, sharpness, sharp-wittedness, powers of reasoning, reason, logic; savvy, horse sense, street smarts, gumption "his temper could affect his judgment".

discriminate meaning..

...recognize a distinction; differentiate.
"babies can discriminate between different facial expressions of emotion"
synonyms, differentiate, distinguish, draw a distinction, tell the difference, tell apart; separate, separate the sheep from the goats, separate the wheat from the chaff
"he cannot discriminate between fact and fiction"

Not using judgment.... is about doing nothing, about not thinking, being neutral...just being in the moment. Use wisdom instead of judging. It's about Freedom.

When you think, you access things usually based on experiences that lock you in to judgment of some kind. That's not wisdom, wisdom is not thinking. Wisdom know's nothing and everything without it being based on any kind of knowledge.

Strange as all this may seem – here’s an even stranger consideration:


We’re just sleeping, having a bad dream and because of the deep hypnotic suggestion we stay sleeping, wrapped in our nightmare, sincerely believing it’s real and happening. It isn't real and it isn't happening. The only reason it’s happening is because we keep believing the subliminal suggestions of the 3 dimensional world and thereby continue to remain in this hypnotic state. As soon as we wake up to this trickery played out on our consciousness, we stop believing the lie, stop supporting the promises of this physical 3D lunacy, and the believability of the whole 3D illusion collapses within our mind. Everything changes.

What then?

We reconnect to our original wisdom state through awareness of what’s transpiring. The manipulation of this 3D experience become incidental. We’re literally the Saviour we've been waiting for. We are, once again, in control of our eternity, and have not forfeited control of our original Paradise State to some lunatic fringe of Thinking entities.

Let's make this clear, we are our own fucking Saviour, its' that simple...there is no ONE else!


captron52 said...

Hey Jedi Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts and truths with us. Judgment truly is a thought provoking subject. Even in a dream! And of course you can use this post on Darkstar. I look forward to reading more of your posts. Thanks again for the visit and for your friendship. The very best to you and yours always

Dark Star said...

"Of course, this is all occurring in the hypnotic trance we’re experiencing. Therefore, it appears to be completely real. The only way to be unaffected by this illusory devastation delivered under the guise of the Lord’s Judgment, and to keep from experiencing an emotional collapse, is to come out of this hypnotic trance. To remain emotionally connected to the 3 dimensional illusion, believing that its actually real, manipulates who we really are into experiencing a devastating emotional cataclysm as the illusory Day of Judgment unfolds. Bringing into focus, through awareness, what it is that the luciferian group of thinking entities is using to manipulate us to do their bidding, breaks the hypnotic spell. If anyone reading these word just experienced this thought … “there’s no way we’re in a hypnotic trance”, then you've just experienced the luciferian THOUGHT PROCESS firsthand. The 3 dimensional reality has been established in such a way, that anything that challenges the status quo, is immediately rejected. It makes no difference if the challenge is accurate or inaccurate. What matters to the luciferian thought process, is that a challenge is initiated, so that this illusory body of humanity enters into debate and confusion. With debate comes confusion, as each individual is usually quite certain their perspective is accurate. (As if an illusory human being had any ability to correctly portray reality). With confusion comes a complete disconnection, or lack of focus, upon what truly constitutes reality. The only way to communicate what reality is, is to identify what disconnects us from reality, and what then becomes the veil that keeps us disconnected in perpetuity. This doesn’t include debate, just communicating the obvious, for others to accept or reject.

The real luciferian / illuminati agenda is the establishment of the New World Order. This is not a new idea however. The intention, from the very beginning, some 6,000+ illusory years ago, was to use the messianic kingdom age as the ultimate deception to enslave the remaining population. Keep in mind, that the illusion appears to have occurred over a period of at least 6,000+ years. In reality, there’s no such thing as time or space, so the events we refer to as world history, did not occur over a period of time, but appeared to occur as the INTENSITY SHIFTED through what appears to be TIME BASED EVENTS. The 3D realm is only appearing to unfold with the elements of time and space, when actually, the events of history are occurring in the one eternal timeless moment, with the desired luciferian result being one of INTENSITY.

INTENSITY is directly related to the number TEN. This characteristic called intensity precedes the number 11, which is the number associated with DEATH. The luciferian THOUGHT PROCESS has designed the micro and macro elements within the 3D realm to have DEATH follow INTENSITY. This can be understood more easily when considering the human sexual orgasm, which occurs following intense stimulation, and this orgasm is referred to as the Little Death. On the macro level, this Death, or Big Orgasm, will occur after the world goes through its intense stimulation, which is now in progress, and the Orgasm will be unleashed in the illusory Day of Divine Judgment by the luciferian thought process." - by Bryan Kemila (IM)