Monday, June 22, 2015


As I find my ego self growing dimmer each day my soul flies freely to the Light. The Light of pure unconditional love and pure consciousness. What a wondrous journey it has been! I would like to say thank you to everyone who has played such an important part in this journey of mine. To my beautiful and understanding wife who accepts me with nothing but pure love. She is my best friend, my lover, my support, and my Forever Valentine! To all of my family and friends who accepts me as I am. And a big thank you to all of blogger friends who have offered encouragement and support. Each of you, in your own special way have helped me so very much. Without you I would be nothing. I love all of you. My inward journey, which has been filled with a bit of everything it seems, continues to take me in the direction toward that state of pure consciousness. Toward the Light and truth. Like a moth to the flame my souls journey continues. I would like to share with you a short work of poetry I wrote many years ago. It is titled A Soul's Flight

My soul seeks to soar
High above the earth and skies
Onward to Infinity and thus beyond

My body trembles in both fear
And eager anticipation
One body, one soul, separated by undiscovered truths
That have yet to shine forth

Circumstances beyond my control
Strive to keep the soul earthbound

But day by day, moment by moment
The chains are weakened
The time is near, the wings are spread

By faith alone my soul's flight has begun
To beyond Infinity where All is One

May your journey be one that is filled with much love, much joy, and much peace. Be good to yourself and even better to others. A mind filled with kindness is a mind that will help solve many of humanity's woes. Give love, accept love, and be love. For that is truly all we are!






Cndmade said...

Its a beautiful poem, Cap, my friend-you've always been an insightful seeker of peace and harmony and love, shared to us all. And for that, I thank you with the deepest part of my heart, where family and friends live. Keep doing what you do. You really do change the thoughts of others for the good. Everyone needs a Captron as a friend:)

Love to you and your lovely wife~


captron52 said...

Hello Dee. Thank you so very much for the kind words of support. You are a very dear friend and a very special lady! It is folks like you who give me the inspiration to keep on sharing my thoughts and beliefs with others. Your friendship is a real diamond in my life. I'm sure you are enjoying that new granddaughter! As always the very best to you and that beautiful family. Thanks again

deepian said...

Beautiful and profound Captron. You are truly an inspiration.


captron52 said...

Hello Ian Thanks for stopping by and for the nice words. The best to you and yours. Enjoy a great weekend

Dark Star said...

I love you my friend. Some day soon we will meet and talk, yes you'll see. For now, I must be the teacher here, in this format. Ron, my brother...please listen with open mind and heart. Understand everything I write here (for now, just believe its true even if you have doubts, put ego aside) and see what you feel deep inside. I am writing two posts on Dark Star. They will be ready this weekend. Thank you the inspiration. What I'm doing is putting piece of the puzzles to together for every one to grasp our true reality. Who we are, where we are from, what we are doing here, etc. Yes all the answers are in front of you and inside. You don't have to believe me! Trust me, trust yourself we are one we are the I AM!!! We are god. We created this and we can fix it. I'll show you how.

First you must stop FUCKING THINKING. listen to our thoughts and instead, use your wisdom inside all of us. Awaken and see truth. I can't address the whole thing in a few posts so there will be a series, first one being the most important. If you don't get it, in time you will so the rest will help. Be in the I am. Chis understands this.

Ron, please don't take this the wrong way...this the way its WE ARE ALREADY LIGHT!!! You don't have to move towards it.

Here raed this and look inside, stop thinking, just read...

"Sound is a huge part in the manipulation of light energy. The sounds we hear are directly connected to our energy field in the same way as colour and shape. The manipulation using sound has been derived from the same counterfeit source – the zodiac circle / the colour wheel – which occurs when we break apart a beam of light. Breaking apart a beam of light is the dividing process of the luciferian thought form. When you hear a sound you are experiencing energy. You can physically feel the sound waves as they flow over you. If the sound waves are loud enough you can be physically moved. If the sound you hear is constructed in a musical form, one of repitition, you will be emotionally moved. Something this powerful and yet unable to be seen with the naked eye must be examined.

Sound is the original lie. Sound is a thought with meaning and intent. As stated in the judeo/chrisitian luciferian bible, “in the beginning was the word…” and this word is sound. The original group of demonic entities agreed together to think, and it is this thinking that is the thought process, which in turn is the lie process, which is the way energy or light is created. Light energy therefore, must be eliminated.

The lie thought process created this light energy, this 3 dimensional reality, we see all about us. 3 dimensionality is a lie and it is a hypnotic trance state we’re experiencing. The way to eliminate this lie and the ensuing hypnosis, is to reconnect to our awareness of what really is. We all have this awareness, we don’t have to ascend or become enlightened to obtain it, because we already have it. The only thing standing in the way is the lie, that light energy (the 3 dimensional realm) is real, and it is not.

Reconnecting to our awareness requires forfeiting a belief in god, in religion, in science, in intellectualism and in all the systems of the world that inspire thought and thinking. We already know everything because we are already filled with wisdom. We are wisdom! It’s only when we begin to think, that we leave the moment, (of which there is only one), and wisdom is replaced with the stupidity of intellectualism. This fosters fear, war, greed, hate, disease, confusion, stress and every corrupting notion available to humanity."

Please understand this. You are already Perfect!

Peace, More to come, Jedi (I Am)

Dark Star said...

Regarding a soul or you your mind...don't think, just read.

The manipulated so-called physical and spiritual bodies are really one. Both are energy, both are 3 dimensional, both just refer to the 2 extremities of the whole 3 dimensional being. However, being that they are the product of the lie thought process, they are themselves, an illusion as well. The created physical and spiritual elements reside in our fabricated soul, which is our created light body, hence the word soul, or sol (sun). Our whole experience and seemingly conscious awareness (which attempts to appear as truth, wisdom and light energy) takes place in our illusory soul. We don’t really have a soul. We simply have the illusion of a soul. This is the manipulation tactic of religion and science. Attempting to cause humanity to understand and define something that simply isn’t there.

The soul includes the body you physically see and it also includes the body we don’t normally think of as being visible. The unseen body is the spiritual body that resides within our physical but also extends into that realm immediately outside the physical, called the aura. It is these 2 bodies that are the soul, or sol, or light energy, and this is not who we are. This is the conjured up notion of the luciferian entity, the lie thought process, that humanity carries with it till the day the soul body dies. Of course, because it is only an illusion in the first place, it doesn't really die, the light energy simply is turned off and we return to total awareness. In the meantime, in this 3 dimensional realm, we experience, fear, suffering, pain, death, disease, war, greed, along with all those other hideous characteristics involved with luciferian sun god worship. It obviously doesn’t have to be this way."

captron52 said...

Hi Ian Thanks for the visit my friend. I can see that what you say may be very true indeed. Even though it may seem that I am not aware of the illusions you speak of, I have given much thought to all of them. And yes, I realize we are all already the light we seek. In this world the illusions do seem very real and it is true that I give the illusions their fair share of being "real". For many years now I have been trying to "see" the truths that lie somewhere in the illusions themselves. I know I am already the Light that I search for. As Chris has truthfully told me, I am an enigma. I agree. But even though it seems that way at times I do know this, I AM THAT WHICH IS THE I AM. Most of my writings are those that "treat" the illusions simply because as I find myself "living" in the illusions, I realize there are many who have never given much thought as to who they really are. It is those folks who I try to connect with. And maybe by doing so I can at least make this world a better illusion for them and myself. And please know that I would never take anything you say in any way other than love. What a paradox I find myself in. Trying to keep an open mind with all that goes on here while knowing everything is Me. I am that which is the I Am! I look forward to reading all of your words on your blog. And I hope anyone who reads my blog will visit yours in hopes of an even deeper revelation of things. Thank you so very much. And as always the very best to you and yours. Enjoy the weekend

The Truth Seeker's Guide said...

Hey Ron.
So sorry I haven't dropped by in a while - I always try to but very busy these days with work. Glad to see you are still inspiring us all with your words of wisdom and love. Peace and positive energy to you and yours my friend and stay well!
All the best,

captron52 said...

Hi Carl. Know what you mean about being busy. Always great to hear from you! Thanks for the visit and the kind words. Hope you and yours are all doing well!

Dark Star said...

Hello Carl. It's been too long my friend. How are you? I'm here as always.

Ron, yes you my brother. You are there. Humans all need to be more like you and could be a better place. Yet understand that when everyone wakes up...then this all... yes all goes away, because it doesn't exist. There is no good or positive ending designed in the whole flawed 3D illusionary system. It's meant to captivate & have us believe in thing that don't exist. We are already one & in wisdom.

"What a paradox I find myself in. Trying to keep an open mind with all that goes on here while knowing everything is Me. I am that which is the I Am!"

Yes BE the I Am. Just repeat "I Am" though....nothing else! No Thinking! No Love! NOTHING!!!! When you find the I AM, you'll understand everything I'm saying & everything around you when it wakens you...who we are, who I AM, the oneness, the awareness.

For better words, WE are this....the creators of this prison! We can only awaken by disbelieving in it or forgetting about everything you've learned and have been feed or told told your whole life. Don't belive me either, just look at "I AM" and keep doing what you are doing & continue to seek understanding & truths, not knowledge or thoth!

Oh, some translations on your writings...very interesting.

"My soul seeks to soar
High above the earth and skies
Onward to Infinity and thus beyond"

This is not your soul, it's a metaphor for returning, the desire to return our wisdom & oneness, perfection, etc.

"My body trembles in both fear
And eager anticipation
One body, one soul, separated by undiscovered truths
That have yet to shine forth"

Yes, we are One, and truth is hidden from us in the 3D Illusion, yet it's inside all of us...just have to awaken to the I Am. It's really almost that simply.

"Yet to have shine forth"

...not about the light, about human being hypnotized & deceived and not awake. This is not another following, or a new belief structure I discuss, it's to open your heart & not your mind and to break the structure, not challenge it. Change it. Change the matrix. Hard to explain at times.

"Circumstances beyond my control
Strive to keep the soul earthbound"

See this is making us think we have limits...beyond my control. Its's is all our control! We are doing this to ourselves! There is no one else! WHEN I PHYSICALLY DIE, IT'S OVER FOR ME...THE ENTITY CONTROLLING ME is done & me (WE) WAKEN UP & ARE "ONE" AGAIN.

Going to take a break. Love you. Talk later.

captron52 said...

Wise words indeed Ian. Thank you for stopping by and sharing your truth with us. Another way of putting it is God in man(woman) as man is man. Have a wonderful weekend my friend

Dark Star said...

New post is published.


captron52 said...

thank you Ian for another thought provoking entry.

Dark Star said...

So … How Do We Know This?

A long time occasional reader of this blog has asked the simple question as to the source of the information found within this blog. My response is as follows:

Everything is found within the atom symbol. All things in this illusory plane are linked together via “Thought”, … or suggestions. This “source” was discovered after being willing to accept whatever the Truth may be, and in whatever form it may take. Upon submitting to this concept that it was my 3D person that was the stumblingblock, it soon became evident that my humanity was also the barrier separating my ability to discover Truth. I was the problem and the interference that kept my 3D illusory being from comprehending, reconnecting and recognizing Truth.

The Ego (Thought Process) that conjured up my illusory life experience is who and what we are in this 3D plane. We are the mouthpiece and the players, the puppets, that perpetuate the luciferian agenda. It’s this agenda that seeks to be “god”. When in Reality, there is no such thing as “god”, or the “devil”. Who and What we really are simply ignores the Ego (Thought Process) and continues on in Eternal Peace within the Paradise State, even as the Mindset of the Ego dances about, hoping to distract and manipulate the Truth. Which of course, can never be accomplished. However, the Ego doesn’t know this, for the Ego has no Truth, no Awareness, … and only functions by exercising Thoughts. These thoughts are conjured up through religious and intellectual exercises.

We are One Wisdom and We Know All Things, … and we have no need to think. We simply know. Therein lies Peace, Power, Purity, Perfection, and the Eternal Bliss of Paradise. All we have to do is reclaim, or refocus upon The Original State of Being which has the Power and Wisdom to direct our lunatic 3D mind to be silent and to take a back seat as we take pleasure and prosper within the illusion. Knowing full well that the illusion is just that, … an illusion. Not valid, … not real, … and is one massive lie. - by Bryan Kemila


Silentwhisper1 said...

Where are you, my old time writing friend? Surely you haven't given up on your writing! Please say it isn't so.
In saying that, I hope you and the family are doing well.
And I hope for your return soon-with great spirit unique to your own.
And lastly, remember my friend, when we began this writing journey so long ago it was easy, it still is. What I'm trying to say is...don't look into it more than it needs to be looked into-its simple-just live-just write.

Love to you and the family.

captron52 said...

Hello Dee Your heartwarming words could not have come at a better time. My live is about to be turned around in a way I never thought would happen. My ego self has once again tried to take charge over me but I refuse to allow that to happen. I've been writing more lately but its been in my personal journal. I plan on keeping writing here on the blog because that is something I feel led to do. At this low point in my life I am trying to see it as just another lesson that will help me to become a much better human being. I do hope you realize just how much I value your friendship. Thanks for being such a terrific friend. The very best to you and your beautiful family. (Bet that little granddaughter is really growing). Hugs my dear friend

Christopher Dos Santos said...

Namaste brother; beautiful poem, wonderful sentiments. Of late I have been busy fishing and enjoying the island. I had a hard time even getting around to finishing my last blog. You, like all of us, have come a long way on the spiritual path brother.

In Lak' ech, prosper with love... live with joy...

captron52 said...

Hi Christopher. Great to see you again. Man, I wish I was up there with you just fishing and enjoying every moment! I'm stressed a bit but still hanging on. Thanks for the visit and the kind words which always help me remember who I am and just how blessed I am to have great friends. Say hi to Amanda and keep on enjoying each moment as I know you are!