Sunday, February 12, 2017


The following story was one I had published in the Science of Mind Magazine in November of 1988. I do hope you will enjoy reading it. These stories I am sharing now are ones that I wrote long ago when I was first learning to become the human being I wanted to become. The previous entry (The Sun Beam) was the first one that Science of Mind magazine accepted and published. This entry was the second one. Over the years I have learned many, many things and some of my beliefs have changed accordingly. But my basic belief that we are all ONE and that all we need do is to treat each other with love and respect, remains my core belief system. And my hope is that soon every human being will begin to  do just that. This life is short, very short. So may we all remain in the One Eternal Moment, and be good to ourselves, and even better to others.




Christopher Dos Santos said...

Namaste brother Ronnie;

what a pleasure to get caught up with my dear friend. This story is absolutely beautiful. There is a good reason, I never let any of your post go unread. It may take me some time to catch up now and again. Yet, every time I do, it is like Christmas morning. My dearest brother, leaving gifts under the tree for me to admire.

Thank you Ronnie for your continued patronage to this most beautiful site. These treasures are so valuable to me, as I am sure they spread joy far and wide. This was such a treat, thanks again.

In Lak' ech... prospering from your love... living with your tranquility...

captron52 said...

Thank you my friend. I am so happy that you find some joy in reading the stories and thoughts I share on here. As you well know I keep on trying to just make myself stop writing anything at all since it entails becoming a Judge at times. As don Juan would remind me, your pad, your paper, your pen, it is nothing at all! And even though I agree there are times when i just can't seem to help myself and I sit down and write. Go figure. My "Controlled Folly" I suppose. All of your kind words I have read this morning sure makes it "hard" for me to remember I am not important! But that said I do so much appreciate the kind words and it makes my heart sing knowing that I am able to touch another's heart in a positive way. Much love to you and all those in your circle of life. Namastie Brother Christopher.