Friday, February 10, 2017



Christopher Dos Santos said...

Namaste brother Ronnie;

interesting post. I can see why they enjoyed having you offer up some prose to fill their literary coffers. We do tend to judge the world we exist in. When I get bogged down, I sometimes think.... What would this day feel like if I knew it was my last day on Earth? Clouds, stressful traffic, so many of the little annoyances would evaporate in the light of the significance of ones final hours.

Yet, we rarely seem to appreciate how each and every minute we spend as Earth humans are valuable. Our journey is comprised of a finite number of minutes/seconds, who could logically suggest one minute is more valuable than another. Are not all steps of a journey equally important, to be equally cherished?

The sun is always shining, we just have a hard time seeing things in this light. Your offerings to us, help us remember the truth that living is a beautiful gift. Imagine if you were about to die, then a spirit came along and said you can have another five years to live. However, each day will be rainy, cold, boring days, filled with all those tasks you once hated. My guess, most people would jump at the chance.

In Lak' ech... prosper with joy... live with tranquility...

captron52 said...

Yes, I agree with you Brother Christopher. If we can only keep reminding ourselves that life is such a brilliant gift and that it can end at any instant maybe we can then go about things in a slightly different manner. But alas, too many of us just get "lost" in all the clouds and fail to recognize the beauty that resides even within the cloud! May we all soon begin to live each moment as if it was truly our last one on earth! Love and Light to you Brother.