Saturday, February 28, 2009


Whats the 3 biggest little words you can think of ? How bout I LOVE YOU? How many times youi heard that phrase? Or how often have you said that to someone? Have you ever said it to yourself? If not, then how come? I mean you do love yourself don't you? If not then how come? Have you ever even thought about it? If you have ever said I love you to anyone else then you must love yourself because if you don't love yourself then you could never love anyone else. Right? I mean how could you give something away to someone else if you never had it to begin with. Right? Man, this seems to be complicated but I know it really isn't and I think you do too. I think if we really mean it when we say I love you that means with no conditions or it least it should.Can't you just hear the leading star tell the heroine in the movies I love you but only if you think exactly the same way I do. Or how bout saying I love you but only if you are white(or,yellow) See what I mean. If we really mean those 3 little big words it should be without any conditions listed.You know what Im just gonna say it right now I love you!Yep Every darned one of you even the ones who broke my heart or the ones who took advantage of my willingness to help or whatever else you ever did to me.I kknow it sounds a little crazy. Saying I love you to people I dont even know and will probably never meet but what the hell I may be crazy so Il say it anyway. Ya know why It makes me feel good and I cant be angry with anybody for too long if I love em. So there you have it.I may not like the things you do or the way you think but I can still love you cause we are all "one" made out of the same "golddust" of Spirit.If youi would like to make yoiur weekend better how bout calling an old friend, an old enemy an old flame anybody and just telling them that you love them. And I might suggest that while you are at it look into the mirror and say I love you! Try it and let me know how ya feel. I hope all of you have a great Sunday and an even better week ahead. Bless your hearts! I love ya!

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