Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Those 2 words were all I needed to know that we are surrounded by our own angels as we walk thru this world of illusion and paradoxes. It was in 1992 and I was in the middle of what is called the dark night of the soul. The woman that I loved with all my heart had decided that she didnt need or want me in her life any longer. And with her leaving her 2 beautiful young daughters that I loved as my own were pulled out of my life also. Ill spare you all the details of our breakup but I was left totally out of the family. it was like my entire family had disappeared into the dark eerie night and I was left dumbfounded confused and heart-broken to say the least.At the same time this was happening I was also suffering some serious health issues as well as being totally broke and unable to work.I was scratching and clawing trying to hold onto my beliefs that everything happens for a reason even when one cant see it clearly.One night as I lay in bed unable to sleep and unable to stop the dreaded feeling of being so lonely and heart-broken I was about ready to give it all up.About that time thru my tear faced eyes I saw a figure coming to me from the ceiling of my bedroom.Immediately I just knew it was my Guardian Angel. I dont know how I knew I just knew. I felt this lovely being take me in their arms.The angel was silent and said nothing.I thoughtI must be dreaming this but no I was aware of everything around me.As this angel held me I said I am so lonely I am so confused I dont know what to do. Then came the only words this caring being said to me. "I KNOW" That was it only 2 words I nolonger felt the need to ask any questions I just let my entire being enjoy being in this angels arms.All the negative thoughts were gone and I quickly fell into the most restful sleep I had had in months.Of course the next morning I questioned whether waht I had experienced was real or a dream or hallucination. But ya know whatIt really didnt matter because I now knew I was well on the road to a complete recovery! dont know about you but I truly believe in angels and I talk with mine every day. I hope anyone reading this will take the time to share with me their beliefs in angels.More importantly I hope that each reader will try to contact their own angels friends.Please feel free to email me or im me if you want to share your thoughts and feelings.May God bless all of you. Hugs to each and every one from captron52!


Brenda said...

What a wonderful, uplifting post! Thanks for sharing.

captron52 said...

You are quite welcome my friend. Im so glad you liked it. And thanks so much for taking the time to comment. May yur evening be a really great one.