Monday, March 22, 2010


I dont exactly know why but recently I got to thinking about my childhood and all the fun things I was able to do. And yeah I had the same trials as any youngster growing up and I vividly remember those trials as well as all the good times. I was thining about my first "love". I was in the 3rd grade at Wingo elementry and was blessed to be in a class with the girl who became my first love. Her name was Brenda Gay Tarver. Her and her twin sister(in our class also) Linda Kay Tarver were always very popular with us boys. We all thought they were just so cute and I guess all o f us boys at one time or another tried to make one of the gorgeous twins our "girlfriend". Even tho this was such a long time ago and some of the memories are a little vague I do remember very well how great I felt when I found out that Gay "liked" me. So of course being the romantic guy I was a t 8 or 9 I immediately went to Gay and asked her to be my girlfriend. To my surprise she said ok I will. And really at that time in my life I was extremly shy around girls but it didnt stop me from feeling like a king knowing I had one of the cutest girls as my girl.And I remember sitting in the auditorium holding her hand while we were supposed to be watching a film of something I dont recall. I remember all the other guys looking at me and I knew they were jealous and I was loving every minute of it.I think Gay and I remained boy and girl friend for about a week. I do remember calling her at home and chatting with her trying all the time to keep my courage up. Now I cant really remember why she decided we were no longer good together(it was probably because some other boy had gotten her attention) but I was crushed. But only for a few days when I then went to Kay(the other twin) and asked her to be mine. She said ok! Wow! Now I dont think that relationship lasted over a day or 2 either but I had been successful in getting both of those girls to be my girlfriend for a little while!Then I think I managed to get along alone until the 4th grade. Our grade was going to have to take dance lessons in our music class. The teacher of our class-Mrs. Watkins I think it was- went down the rows of kids and let the girls pick out who they wanted as their dance partner. One of the first girls to choose was Kathy Henson who I had admired from afar cause I thought she was so pretty. But I didnt have the guts to let her know that. So when Mrs Watkins asked her who she wanted as a partner she replied "Ronnie McIntosh" and I was really stunned. Now you know I cant even remember much about the dance classes but I do remember Kathy. She only lived a few houses down from where I lived but somehow I never was able to muster up the courage to knock on her door. So our only "relationship" was that of dance partners for 1 semester.I sure wish I hadnt been so darned shy back in those days but what the heck--I remember my 1st love and all others very vividly. So whereever you are now Kay Gay and Kathy just remember I still love ya!

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