Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I sure hope you have an answer for that question cause I sure dont. I am continually amazed at the hurt I see others intentionally inflict upon others for no reason whatsoever. Most of the time i see that the one doing the hurtful things are the ones who have the "least" reason to do so. Usually it because of something that is bothering that person and they dont have the guts to face up to it and try to fix themselves so they instead turn around and try to inflict pain on someone who truly loves them simply because if they are miserable then they want someone else to be equally miserable. And it seems to me the more someone does that just shows how insecure they truly are on the inside. Most of them will put up a stoic front and pretend to be the one in "charge" of things and they are well versed in tring to turn everything around on the one they are trying to punish. And this person who is receiving the brunt of this negativity usually has no idea where all this ugliness is coming from. If only these people who insist on being hurtful to loved ones could see themselves through someone elses eyes instead of their own ego I believe they would be surprised at how all this makes them look to others. Guess what Im saying is that before one starts inflicting emotional pain on a loved one they should first take a long hard look at their own inner feelings and instead of being nasty to a human being work on aligning their actions with those of a peaceful loving nature. My hope for all o f you is that the ones you love are treating you with much love and respect in return. And for those poor souls who continue to inflict damage on their relationships with family and friends all I can say is I wish you the best and hope you can finally see the light really soon before your loved ones are gone forever.


wildstorm said...

When my husband and I met and were engaged, we talked about this and made it a point not to allow this kind of behavior in our house ever. It's been seven years of peace! But even with friends, and distant family, you see this often. Sad, very sad.

captron52 said...

My sweete wife and I had the same conversation before we married. And I can honestly say in the 15 yrs since we seldom ever have any disagreements and when we do we get it worked out quickly with no "bad" leftover feelings.But I have seen family and friends do this to each other and yes it is truly sad. Thank you for stopping by and taking hte time to leave a comment. Hope your week goes reallygreat!