Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I once read an old proverb,chinese I believe it was, that stated: The best revenge is living well! Since that time i have put a lot of thought inot that statement and Ive shared that wisdom with a few good friends and family. So tonite I wanted to share my thoughts with you ,my online friends who I love just a s dearlyas anyone else. I once believed that revenge was really a "bad" thing. I mean if somebody id something to me I didnt like then I was supposed to do something back to them that was even nastier than what they had done to me. Wow that didnt make much sense to me even as a youngster. I was more of the mind to just accept what somebody did and instead of getting even just go about my business as if it didnt bother me. Then as a young adult I learned about Karma and that satisified my hunger for revenge by just knowing that sometime in the future karma would dole out equal pain to those who had caused me pain. But even that didnt seem to fully satisfy my inner spirit. But after reading the aforementioned proverb at last I had found a way to forgive others and go on about my business of living well. If you dont believe this is the best revenge Id like to know what you feel is a better way. So to everybody who ever broke my heart, who took advantage of my giving nature, who borrowed money and convieniently forgot to pay me back, or tried to hurt me in any way I'd like for them to know that not only am I a better person for what they did to me but that I am more at peace with myself than ever before. I sincerely hold no grudges of any kind and if Ive ever done anyone wrong in any way I am very sorry and hope that you have or will forgive me in your own good time. I bless you all!

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I am sorry! I love you