Saturday, May 29, 2010


Just how beautiful are friends? I dont know about you but if it wasn't for friends I can count on I'd rather just not be here. We all tend to take our friends for granted at times and that is really a sad statement. But that seems to be the way we are as human beings.And also there are different kinds of friends for sure. Lots of the ones we call friends are really more like acquaintances. We do care about them and love them but not only do we not visit with them very much we dont even take a moment to send an email or letter or a mere phone call to say hi.We can make many excuses for this and I admit I am just as guilty as everyone else wehn it comes to this.I have come to find out that one can reallycount their true friends when they find themselves in some kind of crisis. When you are going through a rough stretch and it seems as if all is lost and then out of the blue an old dear friend calls or comes by and offers to help if only just to listen to you and say "Can I help in any way", and then at that moment you get a real glimpse of what a trusted and true friend you have there.If it wasnt for my friends whom I dearly love life would be so much more mundane and not worth living. And while I am on this subject I would like to take a moment and say thank you to those friends of mine who just a few short weeks ago could tell I was in a state of depression and not doing very well at all. And these folks read between the lines and saw I needed as pick-me-up and they all either called or emailed and let me know in their own special way that they loved me and cared about my state of happiness.So belately I say thank you Alice,Tracy,Betty B,and Sarah. You know who you are and I just hope you know how much I love each of you. In closing I would like to remind everyone just what a difference you can make in someones life with just a phone call a card or email to say hi and say I love you. Peace I leave with all of you. May God bless!

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