Saturday, May 22, 2010


Ever wonder why its so easy to see other people's faults but not our own. I've often times wondered about this and I find it extremely unique as to how one person can see in another's life their so called bad habits or sins or whatever else you may tag them with, while at the same time not being able to see their own faults which more often than not are a mirror image of the things they see in another.We humans are so funny that way. And the most interesting part is that if you call someout out on what they say about another they still refuse to accept that they too are guilty of the same things. In my lifetime I have come to find out that the faults one sees in another are really only a reflection of their own personel faults. Now there are some of us who will admit to this fact if it is pointed out to us but I'm still amazed at those who cannot see clearly their own bad habits or sins if you will.I know that everytime(at least I try to everytime) I start to judge someone I will takea look at myself and make sure Im not guilty of the same thing. And you know what? There are still times when I overlook my own sins but still see them in others. I suppose that is the way we are made but it still doesn't make it right for us to judge others while refusing to take credit for our own mistakes.The nest time you see someone who is pushing your buttons why not stop and take a deep and honest look into your own soul and see what is there for you to learn.It can be scary I admit but it always has helped me to accept others as they are and also to admit when I am wrong. Just something to think about while you are enjoying your weekend. Be safe out there and I do hope your days and nights are filled with much love joy peace and all good things!


Eruesso said...

Great post Ron. I know what you mean. I must confess at times I get into a heated argument with the Mrs. only to find out we've both been arguing the same point over something silly. What I learn the most from our arguments is that I must seek to improve myself from the person I was 2 seconds ago. Hopefully if I do this eventually I might catch myself before I stick my foot in my mouth again. Thanks again for the post and Namaste.

captron52 said...

Thanks Eruesso for stopping by and for taking a moment to express your thoughts. May your arguments be few and may you continue to learn and grow Take care my friend