Thursday, May 27, 2010


In my personal search for spiritual enlightenment I have had the opportunity to study prayer and how it supposedly works. Of course each faction of individuals or even each individual will have their own personal belief about prayer.As for myself the only one that seems to work every time is a simple prayer of thankfulness. But to understand my way of thinking you must first realize I do not belong to any church or any organized religion. And I know that most churches or beliefs teach that there is a single entity that is off somewhere in the ether world that is listening to each individual prayer and then after hearing ones pleas this entity decides whether to answer that prayer or deem it not to be. Later on in this blog I will attempt to further some beliefs about God or whatever else one may call teh Creator of all life. But for now I will just leave you with my thoughts on prayer.And that is as I've already stated is that the only one that works is the prayer of thanks. I sincerely hope all of you have awonderful holiday weekend! Be safe and have lots of fun and if you can take a moment to shake a Veterans hand and giv e them thanks for all they have done for all of us Americans.


Breath-e said...

And thank You, Ron.

captron52 said...

You are so welcome my dear friend. May your holiday weekend be very special!