Sunday, September 4, 2011


I really do love this life I have been priviliged to be a small part of.I find so many wonders that just leave me speechless. This planet is just so awesome. Personally I have never understood how such things as radios, computers, satellites, etc work. I just accept things like that as being a "miracle". At the same time I have also come to see a lot of "darkness" that envelops us humans way too often.And I know that in every life there are times when the darkness seems unbearable and it looks as if the light will never shine again. But all the experiences Ive been through and the situations I have been exposed to have led me to believe that the "Light" will always return unto us when we get our "little ego" selves out of the way and allow the light to shine wherever it wants to. I truly believe that we are ALL a small part of the light that brings all good things to this earth. And we can and should always allow that Light to shine through us as us in every circumstance that we possibly can. For when we allow the "darkness" to envelop us it not only hurts us but it also hurts the entire planet.My hope is that each of us can and will today allow that "LIGHT" to shine and to gently touch each life we connect with.Enjoy the day and try to remember to do something nice for someone  right now! As the Buddha once said:"Be a light unto yourself." and if you do that Im sure you will find your life filled with even more "wonders" to behold. I leave you now in love, peace, and joy.


Christopher Dos Santos said...

Namaste brother Ron, very interesting post today. My wife and I were talking on Friday; she said that if I represented and alien race and could bestow upon earth one great gift what would it be.

Upon reflection I suggested the gift I would offer them is to leave them alone.

Surprised, my wife pushed farther, what about information, technology, science, energy, medicine there would be so much opportunity to help.

My response was rather simple, in this moment there is no part of manifest reality which is not perfect.

It may be new agey or esoterically cliche but right and wrong or good and bad, in my world, represent illusion. I am the assailant and victim. As long as one man holds a weapon in anger I am that murderer.

We say namaste to indicate that we see in the other the God self within. We say In Lak' ech to indicate that we understand I am another you. Have we really grasped the concept of these important statements if we fail to embrace the totality of manifest reality as perfection in a dualistic balance.

You know my brother, I agree with your beautiful sentiments, moreover I wish not to cast a grievance against these words. However, with compassion, truth and esoteric magic we can savour the totality. What say you Captain of this ship of dreams?

In Lak' ech, light shines eternal...without pause or cause...

captron52 said...

Hey Christopher Your words always inspire me to look deeper and deeper into my soul cause that is where i always find you! Thanks for stopping by and sharing your beautiful thoughts with us. I do consider it an honor my friend!