Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Hi folks. I know I have to be reminded at times to remember to just observe life and not get too caught up in reacting to everything that transpires. It really sounds simple to stop reacting and just observe but I have found it is one of the hardest things to do well as a human being. And that is because human beings are by nature reactive beings.As a new born we are good at observing things without too much judgement but that quickly dissipates as we begin to grow.We quickly learn(and are taught by well meaning adults) to react to everything that happens to us.But sad to say most of the time we are taught to react negatively to lots of things.We are told no, we cant do that, no we will never be able to acxcomplish our goals etc etc.Before you know it we are adults on our own in the world of illusion trying our best to just get by.And when things do not go our way we react in numerous negative ways that affect not only our bodies but minds as well. And very often we will find ourselves feeling miserable without even knowing why. Over the years I have had to "unlearn" lots of things taught to me when I was a child. At the same time I have tried to be better about just living a life of observing more and reacting a lot less. This has helped me to find ways to live a fuller and more enjoyable life. To give you an example of what I mean I will tell you about the way I used to be and the way I am now(at least the way I strive to be) Years ago I was what you would call an aggressive driver. I wasnt reckless but I did get upset way too often when other drivers would do something I considered dumb.Like pulling out in front of me as i quickly approached. Or those drivers who got in the fast lane and slowed everybody else down by not getting over to the slower lane.  At those times i would usually react by honking the horn, by getting way too close to their bumper, or just by silently cursing them under my breath. I never had what they call road rage thankfully and never wanted to physically confront the other driver. But I was guilty of letting the circumstances drive up my blood pressure and at times even ruining what had been a pleasant drive up til then.Now when I am confronted by this circumstance instead of reacting to the situation I just observe what is happening and find myself asking questions like "I wonder why this driver is intent on staying in the fast lane when he is not even going the speed limit" Or "I wonder why this guy pulled out in front of me. Did he not see me? Or was he on  a phone? etc" and by doing this I manage to keep from getting upset with things and instead remain calm and just allow "life" to "happen". You know it never fails to amaze me as to just how much more easier and beautiful this life is when I just observe and not react. Of course Im not saying we should never react to anything because not only would that be impossible it would probably get us killed. But Im sure you can see what Im talking about. Maybe you can try that for the next day or so and see for yourself if it helps to "uncomplicate" your own life.I now leave you with thoughts of love peace and joy for you and yours.And please try and remember to do something nice for someone today just because you can!


Christopher Dos Santos said...

Namaste brother, such are the lessons I have learned as well. I think the key is acceptance. We tend to rule our lives with a deep seated desire to control the outcome. The irony is, the more control we try to exert, the less our will is recognised by the universe.

When first delving into this subject it appears as an enigma. However, if we really think of the mechanics of our thought process, we can conclude; the message we are really conveying to the universe is desire. Without even knowing it, people fixate on desire. The end result is their experiential reality becomes desirous instead of fulfilled.

One must then end the cycle with acceptance and compassion in the moment of NOW. We come to see life as a wild river with ourselves being carried along without resistance.

In Lak' ech, dear brother, acceptance acceptance acceptance...

captron52 said...

Thank you Christopher for again taking a moment to share your thoughts with us. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!