Thursday, January 17, 2013


I am getting pissed off by the spammers who take a good thing and try to use it for their own  selfish reasons! Ive been going back almost everyday and deleting the spam comments. Today I found one that blogger will not allow me to delete so I guess the spammers have found a way to block that also. I realize I can set up the account so that all comments have to be approved by me but I really hate to do that.When I have to fill in the words and nos to leave a comment on someone elses blog I usually have to make at least 2 or 3 attempts because the words are so screwy.You know what? I am gonna just think about quitting the blog all together.As much as I try to keep my mind attuned to the "oneness" of all of us I am beginning to just get filled up with all the greed and selfishness that seems to abound. I know the frigging spammers dont give a damn if I end my blog or not. They will just go to another persons blog and drive them crazy.Guess Im just tired of all the B/S going on worldwide.Who knows maybe tomorrow Ill wake up with a better frame of mind and just continue to delete the spams.Looks like blogspot could do a better job of curtailing the spam.Even tho I report all of them I can it seems to do no good.Maybe Im just venting I really dont know but I do know I am just getting so tired waking up every day and seeing all the greed that is going on.If I do decide to end the blog any of you sincere folks who follow the blog are more than welcome to write me at my email yahoo account(yep, its been spammed too) because I have much love in my heart for all of you friends I have made over the years.Take care everyone and Ill try to improve my attitude!


The Truth Seeker's Guide said...

Sadly, that's the world we live in.
Don't let them get the better of you. Rise above it! We need people like you who provide a thoroughly positive contribution to the world.
If you stop, then this growing culture of distraction and triviality recieves another little victory.
Fight the power, my friend!
All the best!
Carl (The 'Guide)

Karen T said...

I had just finished reading at the two blogs I visit on a regular basis & I noticed the "more blogs" button which I clicked. Up came yours.

Really? You would rather quit than make your blog comments require approval?

I haven't even read anything on your blog except your rant and I am just thinking that you should not quit something you love & something you use to reach out to others, to support & encourage.

I think you should consider this a "meant to be" comment & keep your blog up for your own benefit & those who have read & been encouraged.

Eve said...

Hey Ron! Every time I'm on my blog I go to the comment section on the dashboard and delete a whoooolllee bunch of spam. Most of it gets caught by the filter, but some is in my published comment section...although none seems to turn up on the actual blog page...anyways, I always had the idea that it was done by some kind of program, not a person. Whatever it is though, you're right! It's really annoying to keep having to get rid of it all. I hate those comment approval things too, cause I have the same problem you do. Some of those words are so distorted that I don't have any idea what the letters are...still, I agree with the two commenters above me. I would absolutely hate to see you quit blogging! There would be a big hole in my blog reading days! Please don't quit, we need your positivity so much. You are always so encouraging and filled with goodness!

captron52 said...

Hi Carl. Thanks for the words of encouragement. you are so right of course and I am trying to not just "give up".Thnks for your support

captron52 said...

Karen T. Thanks for taking time out of your schedule to gi ve me a "pep talk". You too, are right of course.I agree with you completely. Hope you will visit again

captron52 said...

Hello Eve Thank you dear.Suppose Ive gotten a little "tired" these days of all the B/S going on. At times I feel I have just landed in the "wrong" place and that this world is not the one I wanted to visit!But then again Im wrong--a lot of times. Sure hope you and yours are doing great