Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Just how highly would you rate yourself as a human being? Now not being one myself who puts a lot of stock in ratings or labels we may use to describe our lives I am still aware that way too many people still consider themselves as "little". We have Kings and Queens, rock stars, movie stars, rich inventors,technology giants in different fields and oft imes we may list those folks as being bigger or better than us because we havent done anything on a dramatic scale. We are as it is, relatively unknowns, and we wonder why am I here on the lower end of the totem pole while these others are way beyond our own imagination? Only you can answer that question for yourself.As for me I consider myself as a peer to everyone.I've never reached stardom in any way, I am, if one must insist on labels, an unknown.But that is quite alright with me. Those others I speak of, the famous and rich ones are no better or no worse than any of us.Just think of the mightiest speck of mankind,I speak of the atom, and see waht it can do despite its teeny appearance.Look at the largest ocean in the world, it started with a single drop of water.The mightiest river, yep it started out as a small stream that would not let anything cease its flow, the highest skyscraper, it was once only a pile of steel and rivets.I could go on and on with examples but Im sure you see what I am getting at.There is no such thing in this world as "big" or small", its all only an illusion brought about by an unenlightened mind. The thing I want you to realize is that you are SOMEBODY, an important somebody at that. No one is better than you we are only peers living together on this tiny orb we call home.So you may not be able to invent the next big thing that changes life for the better, you may not become the next great actor or actress that entertains millions, but that doesnt mean you cant do just as much for the betterment of humankind in oh so many ways.Pleasse, right now gi ve yourself a pat on the back,look into the mirror and see the reflection of all of us looking back at you with a big smile.Then after the realization that yes, I do count for something worthwhile, go out and do something nice for someone.Never forget you are special.There is no one who can accomplish the same things you do.Become part of life's solutions right now.Stand tall, be proud, and be love cause that is really all you are


Eve said...

Thanks Ron, what a great post! We are all important, it's true. Every human deserves to be treated with respect and love...well, I guess there are some who don't deserve it, but most do. I really like how you put it, 'be love' the end, it's all about the L.O.V.E...well said. Hope everything is great with you and your family, have a good one!

captron52 said...

Thank you Eve for the visit and the encouraging words.Sure do hope all is well with you and yours also.