Sunday, January 17, 2016


Ever notice how others are so quick to judge you in one way or another? Yeah, we all do it at times. But I will say this, the next time you see some fault in another person, just remember that life's mirror is always reflecting back to you the truth. So when you see another's faults the probability of you possessing those exact faults of your own are rather high.  Why we as human beings are so quick to condemn still remains a mystery to me. Just try for a while this exercise. The next time you judge someone as being "mean", "hardheaded", "unfair", "selfish", or anything else you may imagine, peer honestly into Life's Mirror and see if those things may just be true of yourself. May we all be slow to anger, judgments, and condemnation of anyone. The hardest path is the one that leads back to yourself. You, and only you can decide when that path will be the 'Right" one to take. See just how honest you can be with yourself when no one else is watching. Just don't be too surprised when the reflection you see is not what you may have expected. To all of you I wish the very best now and always. Be good to yourself and even better to others!


Christopher Dos Santos said...

Namaste brother, this is so very true, as well, one of the hardest lessons for people to understand. Judgment brings to bear three things in my mind. The first you mentioned, this is a reflection of myself. The second, this is another me. Truly we can take ownership of everything we see as yet another beautiful aspect of who we are. Third is duality, we are strongest when we realise there is no action which is not a divine representation of duality. Not only am I the darkness I see, I need this darkness as a pallet against my own light. Thank you brother for always bringing these important lessons to the forefront of our consciousness.

In Lak' ech, prosper with truth... live with the desire to reflect knowledge..

captron52 said...

Thanks Christopher for sharing your thoughts on this aspect of all human lives. Wish I could express my thoughts as beautifully as you do! What you said is exactly the point I was talking about. Thanks again friend. Have yourself a terrific week ahead.