Monday, February 22, 2016


These damned blues just keep on knocking
At my door

Storm clouds gathering ominously
Settle in my soul's
Deepest core

But just when I feel I can't take
It any more

These wings of Love
Lead me back home

And with that these damned blues
Are forever gone

Would you join me today and hop on for that enchanted journey that will one day take all of us back home? The paths we take are varied and oh so personal. Why not choose a path that gives as much love as one possibly can? It won't be easy, seems like nothing in this life is easy. But it will be rewarding. Right now, take a moment to yourself. Fill that moment with all the love you can imagine. Rest in it, take joy in it, and take shelter in it! Then breathe out that bubble of love and share it with the world. The wings of love will do the rest! All my very best to each one of you beautiful people.


Chris Ledgerwood said...

Thanks, Ron!

Alice said...

Very nice, thank you!

captron52 said...

Hi Chris, Alice Thank you for stopping by. The very best to you and yours!

Christopher Dos Santos said...

Namaste Ron, always a pleasure to see your name pop up on my blog roll. Spring right around the corner, a perfect time for talk of love. Take care brother.

In Lak' ech, prosper with love.... live with joy....

captron52 said...

Thanks Christopher Yes, its always a good time to speak of love! Enjoy the weekend my friend.

Cndmade said...

Nice, Cap-very nice.Hopping on the wings~~~hugs

captron52 said...

Hi Dee. Great to see you again. I was getting worried bout ya! Hope you and yours are doing really great!