Sunday, February 28, 2016


Ever hear anyone say that I don't have the time. I have always been amazed at how us human beings can come up with a reason to not do something. And myself included, I see how we manage to waste hours, days, even years in our life. And I suppose that is okay if you want to do that. I know I have days when I just decide to loll about and do nothing. Nothing wrong with that until I find myself doing way to much of it. But there are some things we all need to take time to do. I have talked with many friends at a time in their lives when they were just so stressed out from whatever reasons they came to me and would ask-How do I get past these feelings of being stressed out all the time? Well, my answer to them was this... Hey, take a day if you can and just go for a walk out in nature somewhere. Make it a place where you can find solitude and some "alone" time. Then just spend the day just "being". Just taking in all the beauty and wonders of Mother Earth with no thoughts of anxiety. Forget the job, forget the troubles, forget the stress etc and just Be. And nine out of ten times this is the response I would get....I'd love to do that but I just don't have the time. Then they go into detail of all the reasons they can't do it. The job keeps me working all the time, the kids are a hassle, I need the money cause the bills are unpaid. Etc, etc. So when they said that, I would suggest that if they could not get a "free" day then just take a couple of hours to do it. Usually I got the same response, I just ain't got the time right now. And that was when I wished them well and just wondered to myself. They have just spent a couple of hours with me going over all that is "wrong" with their lives. Instead they could have spent those 2 hours for a walk in the park. I also wondered to myself. When they get home and later after dinner I bet they turn on the tv and spend 3 or 4 hours or more watching some silly movie like "Ragin Cajon Redneck Moonshine Gators. Hey folks I am not making this title up. There actually was a movie with that title. And of course when I saw it listed I just had to watch the first part of it just to see how really dumb it was. Yep, guess I wasted an hour at least til I turned it off. Just an example of how we think we don't have time to attune ourselves with nature and all the beauty around us. Then we sit in front of a tv set and waste all kinds of time. Hey, I'm just as guilty as the rest of us in this regard. But I have learned to take responsibility and not to say I ain't got the time. Instead I try to take time to do what is important but when I don't I just fess up and say  I had the time but chose not to use it. Time itself is an illusion but it is indeed a necessary one. So may we all take our time and remember to do something positive with it as much as we can. Like right now get off the computer and write an old friend to just say hello. Or to go for a stroll and smile at everyone you meet. Best of all just take the moment and do something nice for yourself by doing a good deed for another. There is really no time like the time at hand. May this new week bring all of you beautiful people much love, joy, and wisdom!


Christopher Dos Santos said...

Namaste brother Ron, your post here is so very true. Often, I too fall victim to this refrain. You bring a good case to the forefront. Even though I fell there is no time to get my books finished, there are countless hours I waste watching, sports or movies on TV. Could this be one of the reasons they built these little time wasting boxes of banality.

How often have I thought, man I need to make some time to call my brother Ron, see how life is treating him.

As always is the case Ron, you bring to the front of my mind things which make me think, subtle observations urging me to create a richer life for myself. So many times you mention how my life positively affects yours, yet, I am convinced you fail to realise how very much your words also bring wealth to my life. Other times, I have heard you mention, "are my blogs doing any good?" Cheers, dear brother, prosper with wisdom, share your words, they make all our realities much better.

In lak' ech, dearest brother Ron, share your wisdom... know you are both loved and appreciated...

captron52 said...

Hi Christopher Thanks for the kind words. Hey, I do the same thing many times and spend time watching tv or whatever instead of working on the things I would like to accomplish. Got to admit too that I can tend to be on the lazy side at times. Not a good habit but I'm working on it!