Monday, February 15, 2016


I was looking through an old stack of pages from the Science of Mind magazine and ran across this one I wish to share with you today. The page I speak of is one from a daily affirmation series. It begins with a quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson from one of his books titled "The Method of Nature". The quote is as follows: 
" He who is in love is wise and is becoming wiser, sees newly every time he looks at the object beloved, drawing from it with his eyes and his mind those virtues which it possesses."

Next on the page is a quote from the SOM textbook. It reads as follows:
If we look at love long enough, we shall become lovely, for this is the way of love.

Next on the page are 3 paragraphs on the subject of the price of love. Unfortunately I do not know what author wrote this. SOM has several different writers who do the daily affirmations. But since I only have the one page I have no idea who wrote this. I only know it was from an issue in May of 20004. I'm sure whoever did write this will not mind me using it today.


Kahlil Gibran, in his book The Prophet, said that unconditional love is not to be perceived as converging two islands into one. In love the two must remain distinct, individual, and be where the one water of love washes upon their shores. The price of love includes retaining our own individuality, as we allow the other the same right. There is an absence of love in the one who says, if you love me, you will, or will not do a certain thing; will or will not be a certain way.
 Real love requires us to retain our identity, live with integrity, perform in strength, and offer protection, shelter, and support. The price of love prevents us from allowing ourselves to be manipulated, and thereby becoming shapeless, characterless, and unable to function from truth. Love is present when one can say, "I allow you all of the space you require to be yourself, because that is the only way I can mirror your gift to my life."
 When I feel loved, I know I can safely tell you how I feel, what I think, and reveal to you the poetry of my dreams. Since I know you are for me, and know you believe I can become what I want to be, I want you to know my past limitations do not bind me. You can count on me to grow. You can count on me to be there if you fall. I will catch you and put your feet back on the path you have chosen----as you would do for me. This is the price of love. Because my love for you comes from the Cosmic Sea, I have endless currency to pay the price.

Next on the page is the daily affirmation itself. It says; Today I am reborn in the river of your love, washing the shores of my soul.

After rereading the entire page a bit ago I just felt it was something that all of us could maybe take to heart. I remain a Dreamer, And will be until the day I take my final breath as a human being.  Just imagine if every single human being alive would right now choose to pay the price of love. Wouldn't that be grand? I sure wish I had the ability to write like this author did. I will never be a professional writer, but I plan on continuing to chase my dreams of seeing a world full of only loving folks. May all of us decide to choose love over everything else. Give love, accept love, be love. I bless you all with thoughts for a peaceful, loving, and joyous moment. Right here, right now!


Christopher Dos Santos said...

Namaste brother Ron, again we visit my favourite subject. What more can be said other than, thank you.

In Lak' ech, prosper with love.... live with love.... be love...

Susan McIntosh said...

This is the most beautiful "love letter" I have ever read! It explains so sweetly with so much love in it as to how we are to give and recieve the best of what love offers. Not to take charge over the other, not to make them into yourself, not to expect them to give in to you their all in all, but to sweetly wash their waters upon you leaving the best of them with you each time and supporting, protecting one another, always giving, always recieving the most beautiful part of each other! Today may we all go out and let the sweet waters of our love wash upon someone elses shoreline and leave them feeling more loved today than yesterday! Thank you OS for sharing this "keeper

captron52 said...

Hello P I am happy that you enjoyed this entry. I have to agree, it is one of the best descriptions of what love is and should be. Keep on letting your beautiful love light shine upon all of us. I know you will! Thank you for the visit and for sharing your insight with all of us.

captron52 said...

Hi Christopher Thank you once again for the visit. Love is also my favorite subject. It's great to have a kindred spirit and I continue to grow as you share your thoughts and encouragement so freely with me. Thank you.

sito saguid said...

brother Ron,
Thanks for sharing this. surely warms my heart. as that great poet John Lennon said in one of his songs -- "love is all we need".

captron52 said...

Hi Sito You mention one of my all time favorite songwriter and singer. Mr Lennon had it pegged so right! Glad you enjoyed the post. Thank you for the visit and comment. The best to you and yours always.

Chris Ledgerwood said...

Good stuff, Ron!

captron52 said...

Hey Chris. Thanks. Hope you have a wonderful weekend