Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Well now, what is it you would want to see manifest in your life right about now? How about a new car? Or a new home? Maybe a new job or better yet a winning lottery ticket so you wouldn't have to work at all? Or maybe its a soul mate you are looking for? For each of us we have our own "wants" and desires that we feel would really make our lives complete. A bigger question is how do you react when those wants and desires fail to materialize in your world? Do you get angry? Upset? Feel like life is unfair to you? Or can you just decide that if it didnt appear then it is really better for you in the long run? Personally I have found out that even though I think I know what it is I need to be happy and "fulfilled" it oft times turns out to be just the opposite. I used to get all excited about striving to bring into realization "all" those things I thought would make my life happier and easier.But you know what? I have found out that when I instinctively trust the Universe to take care of my needs it works out much better than if I demand that the results are exactly the way I had envisioned them from the start.I've alos seen many a time when I did "get" the thing I was striving for only to find out later that it was the worse possible thing I could have had happen. The old adage-be careful what you pray for cause you may get it certainly rings true to me on many occasions. It is still at times "hard" fro me to completely"let go" and trust that things will develop in a way that will take care of all my needs. But working on making myself "let go" is way much easier than constantly trying to make things happen in the order I think they should.So I now try to just accept that everythig is working for my highest good and that my part in all this is to train my mind to be still and accept all the "good" life has to offer. Its still a work in progress I must confess but I'm getting there. I sure hope all of you are in the midst of having a very wonderful week and that all the good things you desire are coming your way right now.And if and when things don't go exactly as planned I hope you can overcome the temptation to gt angry, sad, or depressd and remember that greater truths and goodness are headed your way even now."HUGS" to all!

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