Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Love is all you need, or so its been said over and over. I agree to some extent with that but from a personal perspective I have seen that there are times when love itself just doesn't seem to be enough to overcome all hurdles. Once upon a time I was sure that if two people truly loved one another that they could make their relationship endure all hardships. I was wrong! I now believe that two people can truly love each other deeply but just can't make that love be strong enough to continue in a relationship. I still like to think that if people love each other enough that they can get through any obstacles that threaten to sabotage their relationship if they do indeed work hard enough to make it work. The accepted view that men are from mars and woman from venus does seem likely. As a rule we are so far apart from the way we view life it is amazing that any of us remain in commited relationship for any length of time. And I think that is because there are just so many other variables involved in the situations we find ourselves in. I firmly believe that true love for another is the greatest blessing we have even if it sometimes causes so much worry and confusion. And even if life has shown me that love sometimes isnt enough I still like to think it is or at least should be enough. But that still doesn't answer my question as to why I have seen too many people split apart even though they loved one another so deeply. I don't suppose I'll ever know all the answers for sure so in the meantime I am going to continue in my dreamworld believing that Love truly is enough! My hope and wish for each of you is that you are right now in a loving relationship with a soulmate who returns your love and gives to you all you need to be happy and fullfilled. And if not, that in the near future your soulmate will arrive and that you will be prepared to know them and take the relationship to that deeper level. I now leave you with peace and hopes for a bright future.


Breath-e said...

My thought...commitment and love on the part of both parties. That's a lot a variables between two people. Whew!

captron52 said...

Hey Sarah I agree those 2 things are utmost in any relationship!